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  1. Fog never cleared here today, distance ranged from about 100 to 400 metres, but there was a hint of blue above and the odd glimpse of something that I guess was the sun in the early afternoon. Raw cold all day. Gave some beautiful frosting on spiders' webs this morning.
  2. -1.8°C minimum overnight, heavy white frost, fog during early hours cleared before dawn. Bit of an inversion here this morning, home (50m asl) temperature at 09.30 was -1.6°C, but on top of the hills towards Dorchester, no frost and temperature at +4°C. On the coast it was on freezing still at 11.00, up to 6°C on hills and +2.4°C back at home an hour later. Sunrise and the view at West Bay.
  3. 19.1mm in last 24 hours. Persistent but rarely heavy, not aware of the rain in the night in spite of having windows(facing NE) open. Still grey but only odd showers on the radar.
  4. Squall line fading a bit as it comes across here, but still blowing well!
  5. Very windy here, increased in strength in the last couple of hours, rain imminent somewhere around half an hour max? West Bay webcam is making me feel giddy!
  6. The heaviest of the rain missed here yesterday, only 2.2mm. Had a similar set up to jtay shortly before sunset with just a hint of the end of a rainbow.
  7. Unusual start here. We woke to clear skies and sunshine, temperature around 5°C. Drove in to Sherborne, less than 4 miles, car temp showed possibility of ice (4°C) and in the centre of town it was down to 2°C and cars still had frozen windscreens. Normally it's the other way round with us in the countryside having the lower temperatures. Anyway, we had pretty much wall to wall sunshine. Clouded over about four to ruin any chance of a decent sunset!
  8. Had a morning of anticyclonic gloom followed by a few bright spells with a touch of blue sky this afternoon. Spotted the moon, briefly, around half five this evening, but the most important thing has been the fact that it is the second dry day in a row, hoping for a few more.
  9. Total to 09.00 this morning 26.7mm, equal wettest day of the month with 18th. Month's total to date is 160.9mm making it the wettest month of the year. Taking readings as 09.00 to 09.00, we've had 22 consecutive wet days. A lot of surface water flooding and some of the streams are well up, hoping that the forecast for a dry week ahead prove to be correct.
  10. Our local streams are up already according to a FB page and causing roads to be impassable. Hoping that it might all fade away overnight, but I shan't hold my breath.
  11. Overnight rain missed us, just a little shortly before daylight. 24 hour total to 09.00 today 13.6mm taking December total to 105.6mm. Last three months' totals all over 100mm, but still under 1000mm for the year so far. Currently dry with some sunshine here, but it won't last!
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