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  1. Surprised to find only 17.3mm in the gauge this morning, as Frosty hollows has commented, it sounded like much more! Enjoy Porlock Weir, jtay. Love that area, not been for a while.
  2. Wet, wet and more wet! No other way to describe today and it's still at it out there now. I haven't ventured to the gauge since this morning's reading which was 3.7mm. Just hope that it doesn't overflow before 09.00 tomorrow!
  3. Only hit by a few speedy showers today, but one did produce this rainbow. There was also a very faint one at sunrise.
  4. Best not to pick them wet unless you can deal with them immediately or they will go soggy! I always used to wait for a frost when I lived in the Chilterns, but since we've been down here if I'd waited for a frost some years I'd never have picked them. You can always put them in the freezer for a few days to simulate frost. Best of luck!
  5. 35.0mm in the 24 hours to 09.00GMT today, that makes a cumulative total in the last four days of 109.1mm and it's still raining. @jtay.....got my sloes about 10 days ago, they are colouring the gin nicely....😋
  6. We're right on the eastern edge of the rain band and it's still raining, but gently. 10.4mm from 09.00GMT to a few minutes ago. Cheered by lettice's comment about brightening up but fear it may be after dark before it happens by which time the rain band may be on its way back!
  7. A mostly sunny afternoon down here to the south of the rain band....just! Temperature even managed to get up to 14.7°C, dropped off now though.
  8. 23mm to 09.00GMT. Currently we have sunshine but I'm not getting over excited!
  9. Gauge held 31.2mm which, ironically, is exactly the total amount for the rest of the month! Slight glimmer of sun around half six produced the very, very faint rainbow and then a sort of sunset.
  10. The squall line is moving right over us now and has been for the last hour. Torrential rain, blowing a hoolie and none too warm. When it stops, I'll check the gauge.....
  11. Exactly 7mm in the gauge this morning and, so far, nothing today. Showers have kept to the south of us, but radar looks as though we may get some a bit later. Cloudscapes to the W and NW about an hour ago.
  12. Colourful all round end to the day. First is looking NE and the second at the actual sunset.
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