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  1. Rain's just let up. 12.1mm to 09.00GMT, mostly gentle so, hopefully, will have penetrated the ground well.
  2. Hissing down here too and our window cleaner came on Tuesday! I know some folk, not in this region, who have already 'tested' their heating, so your wife will be in good company, warmintim!
  3. 8.4mm to 09.00GMT, very little since then, mostly drizzle. Max yesterday was 18.8°C and is currently nearly back up there having dipped to 10.8°C overnight.
  4. That 'orrible fine drizzle persisted all afternoon here, you know the sort of thing, makes you wetter than a downpour cos you're daft enough to go out in it thinking it's not really raining! It wasn't the best weather for the village show, but we coped.
  5. 6.3mm today and all seems clear to the west. No rumbles or flashes, just short lived moderate showers.
  6. Much warmer this afternoon with blue skies and some cumulus, actually feels warmer than the 22.1°C on the thermometer. Much more my sort of summer's day.
  7. 1.2mm in the gauge this morning, some from the line of frontal showers yesterday evening and the rest from overnight. Currently overcast but squinty bright with occasional glimpses of the sun.
  8. Line of showers is just about here, not sure how much it will produce, but I'm not getting overexcited! Started as I was typing, may be enough for me not to have to water my few precious plants that I've been keeping going.
  9. 29.2°C here, compared to the 27.2°C at Yeovilton, that's about par for the course.
  10. Nothing as spectacular as that here, Mapantz. Very much a pale pinky-orange and a very pale blue background.
  11. Maxed out at 29.2°C here, dropped to 26.9°C as the cloud cover came across. Yeovilton, my nearest station, showing 27.9°C at 16.00, so considering the fact that my set up is nothing like as complex and accurate as theirs, I'm satisfied with my results.
  12. First day since June 5th that the temperature has failed to reach 20°C, finally maxed at 18.7°C. Another 3.7mm in the gauge bringing total to 22.6mm. Looks like being the second driest July in my records (2000) after the very dry 2016.
  13. 18.9mm to 09.00GMT. Blowing a hoolie, but the heaviest of the rain has gone.
  14. Woken at 03.00 by heavy rain which I now see from the radar was the middle of a line of showers. Produced 4.1mm and a much fresher, cleaner feel out there. Only saw the moon at 00.30 when all the action was over!
  15. 31C here with humidity at 47%, pleasant breeze, but way too hot for me!