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  1. Same sort of day as yesterday here, wettish morning and then a dry, sunny and warmer afternoon albeit with a stiff SWrly. Watched the towering cumulus to the NW all afternoon, one line a little closer now but still beyond Yeovil.
  2. A pleasantly warm and sunny afternoon here in inland Dorset. Only drawback was the strength of the wind. A few threatening clouds, but mostly cumulus cloudscapes as shown below.
  3. 13.2°C max for yesterday, coldest June day since 1999 when it was 11°C on 5th. currently 10.5 after a low of 10.0.
  4. 24.7mm in last 24 hours. Max yesterday 18.8°C thanks to some morning sun, currently struggling at 10.2°C. Bitter NE wind to add to the misery.
  5. Currently in the middle of the big red splodge on the radar! After missing out on most of the rain last week, we are definitely making up for it today/
  6. One hefty but short lived shower in town about half nine this morning, but it didn't come home here. One at home about 17.00, also hefty and short lived. Now looking clear to the west.
  7. 11.3mm in last 24 hours is the highest day total since 24th April, 19.2mm from the system is 1.1mm more that May's total and 23.1 is the June total so far. Garden happy!
  8. 7.9mm in the last 24 hours, all of which has fallen since 06.00 today. Temperature currently 11.9°C. Garden soaking it up nicely, glad I don't have to go out.
  9. If it had not been for the strength of the wind, today would have been a perfect summer's day for me. Blue skies with some lovely cloudscapes this afternoon, nothing from the towering clouds that Mike mentioned this morning for which I was very grateful as I had a whirly thingee full of washing out! Yesterday's rainfall total was 3.7mm, most in a day since the middle of May.
  10. And we have more! Tail end of another cell just going over. Never thought I'd be pleased to see rain in June!
  11. Dry here until about ten minutes ago when the skies opened! Most we've had since the middle of May. Should mean that I don't need to water the pots in the garden this evening.
  12. Big fat zero, Andy! A few, and I mean a very few spits and spots which if you blinked you missed, around half one and that was it. Much as we need it, I hope it stays away tomorrow as I'm going to Taunton.... Maybe Friday will be the day?
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