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  1. Just before 21.30 this evening, a pleasant surprise to the NW!
  2. Light drizzle coming from the cold front here too, hardly enough to dampen the ground and definitely not enough to penetrate the gauge.
  3. I have two weather books, both of which I won, which are not of any use to me. I was wondering if there might be someone on the site who is studying meteorology and for whom they might be useful. The books are both paperbacks and are: The Weather Observer's Handbook by Stephen Burt One Hundred Years of Reading Weather by Roger Brugge and Stephen Burt. They are both brand new and I would be happy to let them go to a good home for free. As they are so specialised, none of the second hand book shops are interested and it seems a shame to dispose of them when they might be of some interest and use. Please let me know if you are interested. Lyn-M
  4. The tiniest little drip in the gauge this morning, not measurable. Currently feeling dampness in the air but that's about it. Otherwise, simply grey and blowy.
  5. Gauge still bone dry. A boringly grey day, chilly morning and only warming up in brief spells of sunshine mid afternoon. Hoping for better tomorrow.
  6. Just having a very light sprinkling of the wet stuff, probably won't get to the bottom of the gauge.
  7. 0.6mm this morning, now warm, sunny and still breezy, but nothing exceptional.
  8. Scorchio here today, clear blue sky, pleasant breeze and really rather lovely! Touching 26.1°C here a little while ago.
  9. Not shark fin soup then, Mapantz? Enjoy it, looks like a good one. When is this interminable grey going to lift and give us some blue skies and sunshine? It's not cold, but it's not so flipping warm either.
  10. Seems to be moving east as it's dying. Glad, because I've got a whirly thingee full of washing!
  11. What's this stuff coming across the Channel? Don't recall that in the forecast. Can't put a screenshot as the upload's not working.
  12. Could you send it this way please, Mapantz? it's still horribly grey and dismal here, even had light drizzle earlier.
  13. Staying all night? Looks pretty idyllic. Good fishing!
  14. Lots of wispy cirrus here this afternoon and evening. Just a couple of examples.