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  1. Most of the shower activity has bypassed here too, just on the edge of the last bit which passed to the SE and produced this rainbow.
  2. Showers first thing, then dry until late afternoon. Currently tanking it down with a strong wind too. Wouldn't be surprised to hear a rumble of thunder.
  3. October 2000 here saw 174mm, preceded by 134.5 in September and followed by 164mm in November and 212mm in December, those four months accounted for over 50% of that year's annual total. Other October figures: 2001-153mm, 2002-177mm, 2004-186mm, 2006-175mm, then a gap to 2013- 173.5. Since September 21st this year there has been 178mm and only one completely dry day on October 2nd
  4. 33.4mm in 24 hours from 09.00GMT yesterday, add that to the 8.0 and 16.5 on the previous two days and it's a total of 57.9mm. Local surface water flooding all around and the River Wriggle is on flood alert....again. Of course, nothing in comparison to the 1000mm in Japan in 48 hours.
  5. Just coming through here right now! Absolutely tanking it down and blowing a hoolie.
  6. After yesterday's return to late summer, 17°C, dry and sunny, today is a miserable washout. Very windy, rain on and off all day so far, only consolation is the temperature which is currently 16°C although it hardly feels like it with the wind and rain.
  7. No rainbows here today as we only had one brief line of rain this afternoon, the rest of the time the showers went above or below us. Very blustery, but not feeling too chilly.
  8. Remember we had that little low that made a nuisance of itself on the 9th and dumped 45.7mm on us. So two days have so far contributed 75% of the month's rainfall.
  9. 36.5mm to 09.00GMT. Month's total so far 110.6mm. First month of any name with more than one day 25+mm since January 2014. Currently not raining and there's a bit of blue showing. Goodness, mapantz! I thought we'd had a lot.
  10. Hammering down around 04.30 this morning, currently a bit of a lull before another splodge comes over shortly. That does look like the worst will be over. Like Andy, I shall check the gauge later, need to do it at 10.00, so it might have stopped by then!
  11. Just started light rain and the lovely petrichor. Not smelled that for a while now.
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