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  1. 43mm in the last four days, still dreary, damp and miserable. Not what they need for Sherborne's Pack Monday Fair, at least the wind's dropped and it's not actually heavy rain.
  2. The Harbour Master's web cam at West Bay has been very interesting today! Web cam.
  3. 12.2mm from yesterday's system, yesterday's min became the max for the last 24 hours as the temperature dropped as the rain cleared. Back up to 11.4°C a few minutes ago.
  4. Wall to wall sunshine and a max of 20.3°C. Is it really October in less than a week?
  5. From a low of 2.6°C, it rose to the dizzy heights of 18,6°C this afternoon. One of those days where it was warmer out than in. Wind has been all over the place, but a noticeably warmer direction late morning and this afternoon.
  6. Currently 10.0°C here, up from a min of 9.7°C. Yesterday's max was 12.3°C. Rainfall total (09.00 to 09.00 GMT) was 23.9mm, making it the wettest day of the year so far.
  7. Thoroughly miserable here too. Persistent, but mostly light, rain started around half nine and continues. Temp hit the dizzy heights of 12.2°C earlier before dropping back to 11.7 about an hour ago. Roll on Monday and some sunshine!
  8. Currently showing 22°C, but feeling much warmer. Strong breeze helping it feel slightly less humid.
  9. Last night min of 4.9°C was lowest since the 1st May. Beautiful blue skied morning, warmed up quickly and felt almost as if summer had returned. Great balloon photos, Andy. Especially love the penguin! Moon shows up just fine.
  10. Max this afternoon was 23.8°C and it was very humid too. The sky was very hazy but the sun still felt hot on my bare arms while I was picking blackberries.
  11. Piggy in the middle! No rain here, blue skies disappeared to give variable cloud this afternoon, some looked threatening but came to nothing.
  12. Best part of half an inch in old money to a few minutes ago, 1.2mm to 09.00GMT and another 12mm to now. Temperature is up to 17.8°C out there now, feels warmer out than in.
  13. Maxed out at 20.3°C here today after a nippy start. Long sunny spells and a good selection of cumulus through later morning and early afternoon.
  14. Rain amounted to 1.8mm. Min temperature of 7.1°C is the lowest since 14th May.
  15. There's a definite brightness in the sky now after a dull and damp feeling start. Patches of blue sky and the gloom lifting to slightly higher cloud.