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  1. Happy Birthday, Nights King. 11.9mm rain in the gauge this morning and looks like some more to come through the morning id the radar is right.
  2. Not a drop of rain yet today in spite of the radar showing it moving this way earlier on, a lot went north rather than north east and, although the radar showed light rain here at tone point, nothing reached the ground. Suspect it won't stay dry for much longer.
  3. Wall to wall sunshine today but with a nagging, stiff breeze and max of 5.4°C
  4. A very pleasant day here so far, less cold, plenty of sunshine, dry, what more could I ask?
  5. I couldn't summon up the energy to walk to the hill behind the church in the village and stand freezing my fingers and toes for the sunset, so I cheated. The first one is through the bathroom window ( a sort of abstract) and the second is looking NE from the bedroom at the same time.
  6. Same here, Mapantz. Blue sky has been tantalisingly close to overhead for several hours but never quite making it. Views to NE and SW a couple of minutes ago.
  7. Unsurprisingly, it is here too! Not going to make it to the bottom of the rain gauge though.
  8. Overnight low of -3.4°C, white frost everywhere, only just clearing as temp hits the dizzy heights of +0.8°C. Overcast and dreary.
  9. 3.8°C low overnight and then a reversal of yesterday's weather, grey and gloomy morning and now the sun's out, albeit with dark grey to the N and NW. Currently 5.8°C
  10. 0.8°C min overnight, enough for the car windscreen to be frozen. Went down to West Bay this morning with sunshine and blue skies all the way and virtually all the way back. We could see the band of cloud inland as we came up to the A 356 from Beaminster and it overtook the blue at home by 13.00. Max today has been 5.1°C about two hours ago.
  11. Happy New Year! Yes, new year and new weather here too. Beautifully sunny morning, hardly a breath of breeze, felt almost warm out walking this morning. Clouded over, as expected, late morning, but there's still plenty of blue bits and glimpses of sunshine. Max temp 10.4°C about half an hour ago.
  12. Fog eventually cleared here around 21.00, can see the lights of Sherborne, about two miles as the crow flies. Bet it's back in the morning,