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  1. With 19.7C being recorded as early as Feb 13th these sort of temperatures were always possible given the right conditions. With the temps this week being so late in Feb they will take a bit of beating.
  2. Latest pic from Basingstoke. Still snowing heavily - seen nothing like this for decades.
  3. Could you please explain. This run at 240h is laughably different to the previous (the high has moved at least 500 miles) and yet you write off all the time till Jan. I am confused....
  4. Looks like Sunday may well be another cold day (according to GFS 6z). Zonality on hold...
  5. The ECM tells a different story at the same time...
  6. My calculations could well be wrong, but to get to 14.5 the rest of the month would need to average about 16C, not taking into account adjustments. I think that looks fairly unlikely - the nights look like getting warmer but no real increase in daytime temps. I think it will end somewhere around 14C if the slight warm-up comes to pass.
  7. The table has been updated again and can be read using the link at the bottom of the page - it is now 4.61 (+0.93)
  8. Last 4 days = 5 min sunshine

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      About the same here :(..

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