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  1. Ah yes, i remember the day vividly. I was at school at the time, in double maths last thing on a wednesday! At roughly 2.30pm it started raining, which became heavy (must have rainied about a centimetre). Because i was on the second floor in maths i had an excellent view of the huge school fields, and being as the school was situated very high relative to surrounding areas, i could see for about 3 miles in the distance with no trees/buildings blocking the view. Anyway, becuase the rain was so heavy and the the wind so strong, i kept glancing out of the window. And then on a particular glance t
  2. A max temp of -8C and mins of -13C? Gosh thats cold! Talking of scraping ice off the inside, i had to scrape the inside of the car windscreen on one of the days in the cold snap just gone! Although i bet it was nothing on the scale experienced back then!
  3. I would give my right arm for an arctic, easterly than arctic northerly in quick succession!
  4. April 6th 2008 for me too! I rememeber it becuase the snow was EXTREMELY fluffy for some reason! Although it did melt quite quickly due to the increasing strength of the sun at that time of year. I think there was about 2 inches where i am.
  5. Thanks, thats actually a very good tool with a really good zoom showing my area in very good detail
  6. Its hard to grasp. The UK, a quite stable landmass in relation to tectonic activity, has an earthquake roughly every 2 days! Do you know or have you any data as to where the focus/ epicentre is for most of these UK earthquakes please? Im intrigued! Thanks! Ah i see you have just answered my question-Thanks Jane-Louise!
  7. Sorry! Let me re-phrase it- I have not explained what i meant very well!...... There isnt many earthquakes that are felt and most are of a negligable amount. I think there was one local to me in 2002 in Dudley . It was upgraded to 5.1 i think. James M-Thats staggering! So theres on average an earthquake in the UK every 2 days!?
  8. It is very unusual to have an earthquake in the UK, let alone the Shetland Isles! Due to the Uk being no where near a plate boundary, its a very rare occasion.
  9. 20 ft drifts . Thats impressive! Its a shame some people think it safe to go on ice just becuase its frozen. You have no idea about the state of the ice until its too late.
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