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  1. `I'm impressed with how accurately the models predicted little snow for this area around me. I'm depressed that they were so accurate!
  2. I see the Met Office has a yellow warning for snow for here on Sunday!
  3. The problem with wishing the snow would hurry up and get here is that the faster it is heading north the less time it will spend in our region! I think the green blob to the SE of Stratford could get here in the next half hour or so - unless, of course, it fizzles out before then.
  4. Well, that was a bit disappointing - next to nothing fell here. Hopefully, we will fare better this afternoon.
  5. There seems to be a number of showers forming ahead of Emma to the south which could reach here in the not too distant future.
  6. Nothing on the radar but some tiny flakes falling here. Just a light dusting here from last night. Incoming showers are fizzling out as they approach Coventry so we probably won't see much today at this rate unless things pep up a bit. It would be very interesting for the Midlands if the GEM 0z forecast for Thursday and Friday turned out to be accurate but best not to get our hopes up too much!
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