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  1. "Are you forgetting Global Warming? Surely, continued Arctic warming will mean less chance of cold air getting far enough south to provide severe cold for UK!" But I thought Global Warming was going to cause Artic ice melt, cooling down the seas so much it stopped the Gulfstream Drift. Causing catastrophic cooling for the UK?
  2. Saw Grimsby at Vale last week. Quite tidy .. but once the big centre half cocked up for the first goal there was only one outcome. The left back looks quite good though. This time last season, Bournemouth came to Vale, were well beaten by a poor Vale side and looked doomed. How(e) things change. Scunny are the modern day equivalent of the John Rudge Vale side c. 1990. We punched above our weight then - until Bosman came along. Interesting to compare progress when we clash in the League Cup in a week or two. As for Vale - well Mickey Adams has copied the 3 centre back routine (Cranson, Overson, Sandford) that got Stoke out of the old Div3. It's working so far. Hope I haven't put the mockers on them for today's trip to Aldershot.
  3. I think this was the day it snowed and stopped the cricket. My wife's 12th birthday.
  4. I passed my driving test in May 1976 and immediately got myself a job as ... an ice cream van driver. On commission .... ££££££££££ B)
  5. Did my parachute jump there. They made me insure myself for £10 million in case I dropped down the chimney of the tractor factory.
  6. My wife tells me that c.1972 she was staying in a caravan in Saundersfoot, South Wales when there was a hail storm that broke windows, followed by a night storm that tossed caravans around like matchboxes. She slept through it - but in the morning the site was a scene of utter devastation. Is this a well documented event? It took place in "Potters holidays" ie the June fortnight when the pottery workers of N. Staffs took their summer break.
  7. valiant

    Wife's 12th birthday

    Synoptics on that day
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