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  1. 9.40pm and still raining in Barling where as snow is falling only 4 or 5 mile away lol..... lucks right out this winter
  2. Amazing isnt it, I might drive back to Eastwood to get a snow fix , haha
  3. Woke up to rain basically, seems the met office had it spot on for my area (Barling) a few days back, oh well
  4. Thanks for the info mate, sounds more promising for us then it did earlier today, fingers crossed
  5. Just a slushy mess predicted in my part of the world , the app will have this spot on for me haha
  6. Just been into the mod room and quickly existed, major doom and gloom this morning lol
  7. Just had two heavy showers which has given everywhere a covering, temperature of -3 currently. Another shower incoming look at the radar
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