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  1. So in the end, just a normal spell of coldish weather (wind chill being the main reason for the raw feel), my horoscope did not far much better, I haven't become rich and met a gorgeous woman either...

    1. Eugene


      No uppers of > -10C hPa for three days in late february and a VERY cold feel is not normal

  2. Right, got some walking to organise this week-end, best waiti for next week to tag a few days off you reckon?

  3. Great day up in the hills, still a fair bit of snow left if the fetichists on the model thread can lure themselves out of their computer and sun, sun sun. Kept the walk high level for most of the day, quickly up the ridge to Higher Shelf Stones then Bleaklow then Cock Hill. Glorious sunset too. If this weather could last for a month or two....mmmm

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    2. La Bise

      La Bise

      Rotten luck chap, hope you get up there in the not too distant future.

      Underfoot ok, wet but nothing major. Crossing snow patches was a mare, one sec it's hardnened stuff supporting you, the next mush you sink in...

    3. UV-RAY


      Lol, I've been up to my waist many a time on top of there. All part of the fun, sometimes. :)

    4. Eugene


      Its still terrible underfoot in low lying mainly shaded areas in the midlands, excellent freezing ground weather for later in the week, great for countryside walking :)

  4. Lovely day, a good time to switch off the computer and go out enjoy it. Bike ride in the fields, tracks and lanes of Cheshire. A long spell of high pressure is much needed, some swamps out there...

    1. Milhouse


      With the later sunsets it extends the period of enjoying the outdoors later into the evening.

    2. La Bise

      La Bise

      Yup, the only thing I don't like about winter, short daylight hours. Hoping for a nice sunset tomorrow (and sunrise monday morning!)

    3. Bottesford


      Yes Feb is the best winter month as the sun has power and it doesn't feel like the shadows are encroaching already by 2pm!

  5. Looking forward to a failed easterly and two weeks of high pressure bringing "boring" weather! If you like snow so much, get out and go up a hill ;-)

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    2. La Bise

      La Bise

      Got you confused with someone else then! Yep, wrong place mate ;-)

    3. Coopsy


      Try snow cover since Nov 7 til now and counting...prob be here til early April. Mountains and hills here are covered from September to July. It does get tedious

    4. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      I live on one, and im ip bigger one's most weekends.

  6. Splendid wintry hike up Bleaklow today, crisp snow, very cold, light winds, lovely!

    1. Eugene


      Yeah splendid walking weather, decent snow cover countryside near solihull

  7. Wow, thundersnow! Bonkers weather here...

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    2. La Bise

      La Bise

      Stopped now. Squall reminded me of one I encountered on Anglezarke. I did not have the luxury of being a house mind... ;-)

    3. March Blizzard

      March Blizzard

      Worst of it over here, too. Great while it lasted!

    4. La Bise

      La Bise

      Yep, was on doorstep when lightning stroke too, good timing!

  8. Wild weather today and that's just commuting...Must be fun up there!

  9. Well, right weather for a nice walk tomorrow and might be minded to stay out, quiet spot to let the rain go away in the morning and more sunday walking...

  10. Recovering from my outing in the hills yesterday, sometimes there is too much snow, a pair of skis would have been better yesterday...

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Yes to much soft snow on the hills yesterday, I bet your legs are stiff this morning ! I nearly went out myself, but glad i gave it a miss, good exercise though !

    2. La Bise

      La Bise

      It was challenging, particularly with upper part of Dr Gates and PW Snake to Kinder untouched, first footprints were mine which is something on a saturday afternoon...

  11. A superlative day of winter hiking, from Edale to Glossop via the tops. Kinder was like the arctic. Plenty of winter if you are willing to get out...

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    2. Supacell


      What sort of snow depths do they have up there? I am thinking of heading up that way on Saturday.

    3. Eugene


      Yes the cotswolds were excellent yesterday for walking, plenty of snow around and really cold temps

    4. La Bise

      La Bise

      Non compacted, a good 20/30 cm, more when it drifted. Main path compacted a bit more but still quite soft. Some ice on occasion, if going up Grindbrook Clough be warned.

  12. Day off tomorrow, time to spend quality time up in the hills of the Peak District where there is plenty of snow!

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Yes plenty here, enjoy !

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