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  1. Maybe grasping at straws, but how far east is that front going to get?
  2. Heavy shower for the last 10 mins or so, last one for a while I think
  3. Snowing again in Tipton, starting to settle on roads & pavements
  4. Snowing fairly heavily now in Tipton 20210209_032150.mp4
  5. Quick glance at the radar and as if by magic it may be our turn in the Black Country
  6. Just started again here, will be interesting to see if things change before the end of the game..... Go Bucks
  7. May not look like much but the very very light snow is actually starting to settle on the car I'll count the flakes and compare again in an hour or so
  8. Looks like plenty of precipitation on it's way somewhere from just north of The Wash, where though? That's the question
  9. Light snow blowing around in a biting brisk wind, fingers crossed for later
  10. Very very light snow in Tipton..... if I stare closely at the light in the garden
  11. Is it my imagination or has the streamer from the Wash started to take a more easterly direction in the last hour?
  12. Just started to rain here in Tipton, need the temp to drop a bit
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