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  1. Just hit us and violent is definitely the way to describe it
  2. Flashes to the NW of me I'm guessing that's the Shropshire cell. Keeping an eye south and fingers are crossed ?
  3. If you're on android press three dots in top right hand corner and select desktop site and all will be revealed
  4. Sleet here as well, Gord's extra 50m obviously makes a difference ?
  5. Raining down the road in Tipton at the moment, hopefully the DP will drop a degree or two later ?
  6. Hefty looking shower just made landfall south of Grimsby if it holds itself together should give someone a good covering
  7. I have to travel down to Stratford on Wednesday & then drive up to Stoke on Friday ...... could be interesting!
  8. Turned from sleet to heavy snow, temp & dewpoints have dropped over the last hour, looking good for a few hours yet
  9. Sleety mix here in Tipton, Met showing 4 or 5 hours of heavy snow from 10pm.
  10. A light covering here in Tipton, must be expecting a tad more due to the amount of local schools that have closed for the day ?
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