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  1. Snow picking up here in Tipton, settling on roads & pavements
  2. Hefty looking shower just made landfall south of Grimsby if it holds itself together should give someone a good covering
  3. I have to travel down to Stratford on Wednesday & then drive up to Stoke on Friday ...... could be interesting!
  4. Lightly snowing here in Tipton
  5. Turned from sleet to heavy snow, temp & dewpoints have dropped over the last hour, looking good for a few hours yet
  6. Sleety mix here in Tipton, Met showing 4 or 5 hours of heavy snow from 10pm.
  7. A light covering here in Tipton, must be expecting a tad more due to the amount of local schools that have closed for the day
  8. Moderate snow here in Tipton, light covering on cars and pavements.
  9. smethwickgg102

    North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Just exploding into action north of Tampa at the moment.
  10. smethwickgg102

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Light snow in Tipton, very light covering on car roof. Better than nothing.
  11. smethwickgg102

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    NE Wales getting loads by the look of the radar, could it be heading our way?
  12. Conservatory has just turned into an indoor pool, think the seals may need some work.
  13. I think it's fair to say that's torential rain and a flash & rumble or two as well here in Tipton.
  14. smethwickgg102

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Snowing with big flakes here in Tipton
  15. smethwickgg102

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Massive flakes at the moment in Wolverhampton, Wednesbury next