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  1. Snow all afternoon. Hills above 500ft covered in snow. Down in the valleys we got a covering but probably won't last. Still the app says snow every day until next Tuesday. So White Christmas is possible.
  2. Just let the cat in and it's snowing first time this winter ? Yippeeeeee! (not in Suffolk now will change profile)
  3. On Friday am I'm making a long trip up to Stanhope N. Pennines to look at a house. Just me and the dog. Will I make it up there and make it back same night? Nervous about the drive as it is, let alone deep snow. Hopefully it will start on Saturday. But if earlier, I'll have to cancel.
  4. Friend in Miami said it was more like CLeethorpes on a blustery day.
  5. #Harambe. watching over us all. The Haitians ought to bill the Clinton Foundation and see if they get lucky this time. Worried about my friend on Cumberland Island, tried emailing her but no reply. Perhaps she's boarded up and split, but then she'd be able to email back. So it means she's sitting tight. Brave.
  6. I wish they'd leave weather out of politics. And vice versa. All the media does is lie - no news, just opinions. I remember when Sandy hit NJ. Their 'expert' on hurricanes was an anthropologist LOL.
  7. Watching Trump in NH said 127 people in Haiti had lost their lives. Thought it was going to be 'a bad one'. I've got a friend who's on Cumberland Isalnd just off the coast on the GA/FLA border St Mary's where there's a nuclear sub base. There are 3 very beautiful ante-bellum mansions on the island and one is her hotel. I'd expect they'd have guests. Don't like the way it's staying just off shore because it gets its energy from a long sea track.
  8. Any news of Princetown, NJ? I have a friend who was travelling home from visiting his mother in Augusta yesterday. Hope he made it. He said if it snows, you've got to get out there and clear the snow off your car before it freezes, otherwise it's going to get damaged when you're removing it from the drift. Lesson: buy a house with a garage.
  9. You are all so kind. We really are a community. Your thoughts mean a lot. She is my best friend. She always hated the stuff. Probably something to do with struggling through winter 62/63 with 4 young children and an absent husband for most of it (Dad was on a business trip to Brazil). Not helped by living out in the country on top of a steep hill. We relied on a neighbour who had a LandRover, but we survived. Beautiful lovely Mum. But just maybe... she's pulled through before and I must stay positive.
  10. I don't want it to snow. My dearest beloved mother is in hospital with heart failure not likely to make it. Snow will always have negative connotations for me. Instead of being a joy, it will be e heart ache. Just not now.
  11. Heavy sleet mixed with snow here for the past 5 mins... Got all the logs/bird feed/etc just in time. Thank goodness for netweather.
  12. That looks as though it's going to track further east to me, not due south. Yes I think it's get a lot of logs in time.
  13. Agreed. My Nana used to say "It's too cold for snow" what she meant was the temp was cold, but the dew point wasn't, although she wouldn't have known what a dew point was. She was a country girl and could forecast snow just by sniffing the air.I remember her saying "Snow's coming" on Christmas Day lunch in 1962. We all know what happened the next day...
  14. This is a great link worth bookmarking.... BGS map of earthquakes over the past 50 days in and around the British Isles. There are quite a few, sometimes as many as 20 over the period are recorded.http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthquakes/home.html Bear in mind the Richter Scale is logarithmic. The 3.8 Oakham one would have been felt, but not too destructive. Mainland British earthquakes are caused by the natural settlement of sedimentary layers of rock - they just give- not by two tectonic plates moving past each other as on fault lines
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