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  1. Just let the cat in and it's snowing first time this winter Yippeeeeee! (not in Suffolk now will change profile)
  2. On Friday am I'm making a long trip up to Stanhope N. Pennines to look at a house. Just me and the dog. Will I make it up there and make it back same night? Nervous about the drive as it is, let alone deep snow. Hopefully it will start on Saturday. But if earlier, I'll have to cancel.
  3. Friend in Miami said it was more like CLeethorpes on a blustery day.
  4. #Harambe. watching over us all. The Haitians ought to bill the Clinton Foundation and see if they get lucky this time. Worried about my friend on Cumberland Island, tried emailing her but no reply. Perhaps she's boarded up and split, but then she'd be able to email back. So it means she's sitting tight. Brave.
  5. I wish they'd leave weather out of politics. And vice versa. All the media does is lie - no news, just opinions. I remember when Sandy hit NJ. Their 'expert' on hurricanes was an anthropologist LOL.
  6. Watching Trump in NH said 127 people in Haiti had lost their lives. Thought it was going to be 'a bad one'. I've got a friend who's on Cumberland Isalnd just off the coast on the GA/FLA border St Mary's where there's a nuclear sub base. There are 3 very beautiful ante-bellum mansions on the island and one is her hotel. I'd expect they'd have guests. Don't like the way it's staying just off shore because it gets its energy from a long sea track.
  7. Cheers, I'm at a slightly lower altitude and just getting light sleet, but 5 miles away , it was a different story. Cold enough for a covering. Will have a look.
  8. Saudi sees their window of opportunity closing with the final months of Obama, hence their desperation. President Trump can't be bought like all the rest. And Trump has already said he can deal on equal terms with Putin. There'd be no Cold War II. Saudi and OPEC oil production figures have been going south for over 5 years, they'll be back to being desert nomads in 20 years. Why is oil so cheap? To stop development of other resources, not in the ME, make oil exploration uneconomic. And to try to cripple Russia. Only trouble is Russia has been salting away a huge multi billion sovereign wealth fund and could ride out the economic meltdown. Things are getting very ansty and the West is on thin ice. But does Obama really want this in an election year? Of course he could impose martial law, but people on the US forums say there'd be another civil war if he cancelled the presidential elections, 380 million guns are in private hands in the USA. Not quite so easy to subdue as Europe. And most people wouldn't feel like fighting to create US/EUrabia, we don't want a caliphate. Another consideration is Russia's well-maintained nuclear shelters for civilians which have never been decommissioned - if Turkey or the Saudis drag NATO into WWIII, we will lose, because China and possibly India will have Russia's back. PS sitting around Cox's campfire singing Kumbaya isn't an option. Never was and never will be.
  9. Snowing at CO10, quite fast - and they haven't gritted the roads, so fun times tomorrow. Where's the radar on here now?
  10. Better to give her some extra $$$ and buy them there. They know all about cold weather clothes in NYC.
  11. You could include early May. My late Mum's birthday was 2nd May and it's been snowy several times, albeit on high ground in Sussex.
  12. More shots from Princeton NJ. Final tally was 3 foot. The place to be was Vermont, they got a lot more.. The true hero is the gur in the blue - one of the snow plough teams having a break in a diner. My friend said he'd never seen so many ploughs in one place before
  13. That's great but doesn't it take about a month to work it's magic? That means late Feb early March, which isn't too shabby, but nobody's in the mood for a winter wonderland by then.
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