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  1. Blizzard condition here in Margate. Been snowing most of the day. IMG_5052.MOV
  2. Full transition to snow complete now here in Margate right on the coast. Blizzard like conditions, very strong winds.
  3. Visible snow flakes in the rain here in thanet. Wasn’t expecting it so early🤔
  4. And so this bizarre spell seems set to continue. Struggling to remember an Atlantic shutdown as prolonged as this. We seem to have created our own stagnant pool of cold air which we look to keep well into next week. Just a shame we are lacking any true cold source other wise things could have been more interesting. Still worth keeping in mind we are still in the early stages of winter. All eyes to the north and east towards the end of this coming week.
  5. It barely snows here in Broadstaires let alone in the flippin Channel😂😂
  6. I’m still feeling optimistic for central/eastern Kent on this run. The north downs (lenham heath/Challock. I’m currently planning on chasing this through the north downs around the areas above collecting snow depths. Obviously depending on the next set of runs. Will be uploading pics on here tomorrow night as I go..❄️❄️🌨
  7. Looks interesting for folks living south of London/ central Kent Wednesday night. Not only do we have the uppers just about cool enough but the systems seems to be clearing east in the early hours which will help to bring the snow level down. Im guessing the sweet spot on this run would be Maidstone east across to Lenham with 5/6cm not being ruled out across the north downs.
  8. Loving these charts at the moment. Nothing majorly cold in the immediate time frame but mostly a firm agreement from the models that a block shall remain in place to the west. This will allow cold pooling to build across central areas over the coming week. I just hope this will coincide with an icy surprise in early jan 🥶
  9. Bags of potential for the start of jan for us coldies. The up and coming cool spell for the Xmas period simply doesn’t have the right setup with regards to the deep cold pool of air we need to lock us in the fridge. A major tease more many of us. It’s a case of cold but not cold enough. At least the Atlantic heater is out of action for the foreseeable future, although I am first to agree we could be faced with a much more depressing scenario than we currently have.
  10. Back to seasonal weather from midweek onwards which will be welcomed by many over the Xmas period. Hoping for standard cold snap in jan/feb. Looking at the remaining models for December, any decent cold spells can pretty much be ruled out now. 🤞🏻Come on jan 1987 style Big freeze🥶
  11. Chop and change for the next severn day period. Temperatures above average with a continuous Atlantic feed. I’m just about ready now to right December off in terms of a half decent cold spell. Very depressing times for us coldies. January/ feb better deliver the goods is all I say.
  12. Temperatures still below as we head the through next week where it looks like a gradual return to a westerly flow is now inevitable. Really itching for a cold spell right now like I’m sure many others are on this forum. The lack of cold across nw Europe at the moment is quite staggering. At this rate it going to be late December moving into jan before our hopes of a cold shot come to fruition.
  13. Seasonal weather insight within the reliable forecasting range. No thrills. Anyone expecting to get widespread snow fall across inland areas are going to be majorly disappointed. The cold pooling simply isn't in place. In fact we don’t currently have a spell of half decent cold weather insight for the uk. A scenario that becoming evermore frequent in the British modern day winter. Sorry to put a dampener on things but we must remain realistic on this forum and resist any unnecessary ramping up of the situation.
  14. I can’t understand the reasoning for any negativity on here right now regarding a colder outlook. Seven days ahead and the north of Europe is cooling nicely along with a dormant Atlantic feed. Things are shaping up well. Remember we have not even hit mid November yet. Certainly a moderate improvement on recent years.
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