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  1. Nice whilst it lasted. Hopefully just a teaser of what to expect in the days ahead. ❄️🌨️🙈
  2. Heavy Wet Snow in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. Dew point at 0.7c
  3. Light Wet Snow for the last hour or so Dew point now dropped to 0.8c.
  4. All we need now is heavy precipitation, May get a bit heavier before clearing off this evening. One can hope 😬
  5. Still mostly sleet, although dew points heading in right direction. Looking better now
  6. Yes hint of sleet now, just need some intensification in the next couple of hours
  7. Temp at 2.4c and dewpoint at 1.9c here in South Stoke, dropping slowly. Expecting it to turn sleety around Midday onwards, we could get a slushy mess at best, all depends on how much the west side of the front intensifies in the coming hours.
  8. Heavy precipitation with marginal dew points will give us temporary (slushy) accumulations for sure, we've had a fair few of those spells 😄
  9. I will be very surprised if MetO dont issue a yellow warning in the early hours, if not tonight.
  10. Temp 3,6c here in Stoke, although Met Office had us at 6c till 8pm
  11. There will be variations on each run, which makes it more exciting. From my experience, the best snowfalls come from marginal events. Not sure whether this is the one. My eyes are on the coming weeks 🙂
  12. 12z GFS Shows an upgrade for tomorrow evening , Snow risk is increasing for the midlands per each run. However I'm not expecting much to settle, especially if it's Wet Snow with marginal dew-points. If we can get a couple of hours of the Heavy Stuff then things could take a turn, only issue is with Dew points not looking favorable at the moment. 😐 Evaporative cooling post 3pm tomorrow maybe? Met Office probably will issue warnings regardless, just to be on the safe side.
  13. Hey, hope you're well Mark 🙂 Apparently, the last post i made was over 7 years ago. Has it really been that long 🤔. Feeling quite optimistic for the weeks ahead, battleground snow prospects on the cards.
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