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  1. Happy Birthday..have a good one ..x

  2. Happy Birthday, have a good one..x

  3. Happy Birthday..have a good one .x

  4. 0000

    hello E11ie

  5. E11ie

    Ellie's views

  6. E11ie

    Picture 132.jpg

    Wing walkers at the North Coast Air show last september
  7. E11ie

    Picture 234.jpg

    TEAL'C.... named for the jaffar from Stargate, he thinks he is a dog, he fetches his ball, mouse, and he takes a bath, he is very playful.
  8. E11ie


    Taken a few weeks back on one of those weird sunsets when after the sun set, the sky grey light again due to ice crystals high in the atmosphere deflecting the suns rays at a certain angle... taken in my garden
  9. E11ie


    Portstewart Strand, In the distance Mussenden Temple, a foible of the Bishop of Derry at the time.. not a very nice day either
  10. E11ie


    Dunluce Castle on the North Antrim Coast, in the background Portrush is seen and the hills of Limavady.
  11. E11ie

    Picture 011.jpg

    My Eldest daughter's wedding, the blondes are friends and the brunette is the brides sister
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome..
  13. Morning everybody I am new to Netweather... hope to be able to join in now and again, cannot add much in way of weather info except for the fact ......it is raining in Northern Ireland... then again does it do anthing else..
  14. Ah my dear, good to see you... I have added you on friends list.

  15. Hiya..I have limped to here now.... still have not got the hang of this site.... but will keep trying..also can't see any new faces....

    withdrawal has set in already. lol

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