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  1. My complete absence for some time is due to one thing: lovely sunny weather and laterally, hot weather!
  2. ....and NOW it's snowing.
  3. No that makes you a Guardian reader!
  4. What is it with people and bread? Tell some one they can't have any pasta or rice for a month and they'd probably shrug it off but mention the possibility of a day without a sandwich or toast and they go spare.
  5. Don't worry, same in Inverness! Curse of the easterlies!
  6. Completely true (probably of most winters!) which is why I never begrudge folk elsewhere in the country a big Easterly event, despite the fact that they're largely useless for us up here. Funnily enough the weekend onward looks to be potentially more interesting for us!
  7. Except from the inch or so of snow we got on Monday night, we've had a grand total of....0cm. Wall to wall sunshine normally with an occasional very light shower of fine snow. Despair!
  8. I'm currently sat watching the penguins at Edinburgh zoo enjoying the snow live because we have hee-haw here. https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/penguin-cam/ They are having a rare time!
  9. Right, there might be hope for us yet. That line of intense showers to the north of Aberdeen is at the right angle now.
  10. Everything completely missing us here unfortunately
  11. Wind has gone NErly here: 0'C dewpoint of -7'C and heavy showers forming in the firth!
  12. Oh I will not be happy if it pans out exactly like that!
  13. Currently just west of Stavanger - will be a few hours yet until we get an idea of how it's going to pan out.
  14. Wouldn't let me edit my above post but this looks promising for tonight into tomorrow morning for us @Hairy Celt @Northern Strath