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  1. Unbelievable rain here over the last few hours
  2. Sweltering heat on Thursday with a high of 31.6'C on the station, over 30'C at Dalcross on the coast - feels like temperature was a couple degrees higher too as humidity was high. Thursday evening had big flashes of fork lightning to the south but nothing reached here. Friday was hot too at 27'C, much cooler now but still very close following an uncomfortable sleep for many nights. What a hot spell!
  3. Well I'm awake with the rest of you currently here, but not because of lightning. Oppressive warmth tonight!
  4. Hit 28.4°C here today, roasty toasty! Currently 27°C
  5. Too mainstream, the cool kids go for Dalwhinnie! I think the snowiest and coldest is probably Tomatin - also means you're only 15 minutes from Inverness so you can still get your stuffed vine leaves / merlot when times are tough. It's also above 300m asl.
  6. It keeps being modeled for early next week between Tuesday and Wednesday, wouldn't normally mention but it keeps showing up on every GFS run.
  7. Is no one else not really a bit concerned by this sort of sustained rain continuously being forecast Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of England? Looks potentially dangerous to life
  8. Unbelievably heavy rain for Skye and Lochalsh on this run - torrential rain for 24 hours solid!
  9. I'd put my money on Aviemore beating the record if it was to come to that - could even be here in Inverness if the wind stays southerly throughout! Lovely day here with a max of 21'C and feeling quite humid. Big shower about an hour ago though.
  10. The exact airflow and where any rainfall ends up will be determined in the coming days but bear in mind that high 20s / low 30s is just a few degrees off the Scottish record, so would be the equivalent of 35'C etc showing for the south east.
  11. Saw the angriest, darkest, most fierce looking cloud I've ever seen in my life earlier just miss Inverness and head north, turns out it hit the Dingwall area. The way it was moving I actually thought it was going to form a twister.
  12. I think temperatures would be pretty constant throughout the country with high pressure dominating to the north and a south easterly breeze? Low 20s pretty widely?
  13. Some very heavy rain passed through Inverness an hour or so ago. Seems to be some lightning activity moving up the Great Glen now, hopefully the lochs can give it a wee boost!
  14. Temperature in Lossiemouth just rocketed with a change of wind direction, not sure if that's en error or not as I'd be amazed if the temperature went from 16'C to 27'C in a few hours with a change in wind direction!
  15. I can see low lying mist over parts of the coast but here and down in the city centre it's clear with blue skies - hovering around 21'C / 22'C. Wind direction looks set to change to a more southerly trajectory in the next few hours so maybe a nice evening to come?
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