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  1. Well that was the best storm we've had in Inverness for years from my location.
  2. Has it? Strong high pressure anchored over Scandinavia and the continent with low pressure out in the Atlantic drawing in south to south-easterly winds? Sounds pretty conducive to prolonged heat if the conditions are right.
  3. 30C possible in the north of Scotland under this sort of flow
  4. Unsettled incursions in the NW of Europe, who'd have thought! ?
  5. If this was January you'd be raging! Until tomorrow night:
  6. In the spirit of Billy Connolly's mantra "no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing, get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little", went for for a wee 9k walk this evening and it wasn't too bad really! Don't mind a wet and windy spell from time to time in the summer as it helps everything grow. Haven't been on at all recently but the early part of the week and last week were stunning with a fair few days in the mid twenties and a couple days of 26C with feels like temperatures a couple degrees north of that. I'm optimistic about the coming summer and fairly confused by the dramatics in the model thread with talk of 2012. Then again I'm often confused by that thread so not change there!
  7. Pretty decent for much of Scotland actually, could produce quite a few nice warm days after the cooler uppers are filtered out.
  8. It hasn't happened yet. Many a time we've seen the GFS right where all other models were wrong and this is one set of runs. Simmer, as we say up here ?
  9. Very unusual for me to cheer the downgrade over a northerly, but there's a significant move away from the potency of any incursion between the 6z and the 12z. 6z 12z
  10. The Highlands and the North East (the Scottish one) quite often do very well in these set-ups, ARPEGE has 28'C for my neck of the woods on both Friday and Saturday so keep an eye on the Highlands and Islands Weather page on Facebook as @MKN says. You used to be able to access the weather stations (of which he has a lot) independently but I think that feature might now be removed.
  11. Met Office even going for snow down to sea level across Highland and the NE for a time on Sunday morning with temperatures just above freezing and a feels-like temperature of -4. Then dry with occasional sunny spells and 10C by Monday. GFS seems to corroborate this: A very odd and brief return to winter on the cards!
  12. Don't think I'm alone in the north in saying that I have absolutely zero interest in seeing anything white falling from the sky or anything like -7 temperatures at this time of the year. The garden with all the fruit/vegetable plants and flowers is doing really well after such a beautiful April. Hopefully the 12hz is just going off on one and reverts to the 6hz (pictured below) to conform with the ECM and we see the high collapse over the UK to bring a recovery in temperatures and more warm sunshine.
  13. Scotland had a very frosty November due to the southerly tracking lows with snowfall at times. If we are to return to a period of southerly tracking lows, there's a lot more cold to the north given the time of year.
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