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  1. afternoon all sun is out here at last, hope you are all well.
  2. evenings peeps you all being good and behaving? no storms here, and the lightest of light rain, some wind but rennie sorted that, now sunshine(ish) and patchy cloud. @Dami you buying more stuffs again? rascal
  3. suspect (but I may be wrong) that heads will roll due to use of materials, choice of materials, testing of materials, fitting of materials. There may be a case to answer for the type used in the fitting requirements, we shall see as this is now always going to be A public legal investigation. And I fully expect regulation to come in now to stop cheap improvements, be interesting to see where that goes when rents/leasehold/groundrent come due.
  4. Yeah I'm good, mum passed a couple of months ago, now it is all about getting up and moving forward, we are strong (like this pesky wind) and not giving in or up. It is a typical Summer UK styles
  5. good mate, you keeping well? Not a bad day in the look east area for weather today apart from the wind and cloud creeping in (and out and back in again).
  6. sunshine and showers day here, at least it seems to be warming up at last
  7. Happy May Day (if that is your thing) and Looks like a typical BH with damp offerings, still it is a day off for many but not all. Dami put your rain dancing boots on and do a jig, that should please the rain gods
  8. Hello peeps. Thought I would drop in. Not a bad day weather wise and could lend to a north beds walk later. Not looking forward to the cold spell coming up, got plants under cover for now but they really should be out now so not doing them any good.
  9. Seasons Greetings and wishes that are well to you all
  10. disagree there. Sky Movies have a different agreement to BBC on film rights and when they can be shown, same as it was with the film shops before (used to work in them), SKY pay for it and charge you for it long before as PPV long before the BBC does at a lower rate on freeview.
  11. I did once bemoan the licence fee, then I woke up and saw what the likes of SKY charged to what you got and now happily pay it[BBC not SKY], always did and always will. £12 a month is nothing compared, what is SKY these days? £36+ basic (not including any sucker deals), so three times the cost and you still get adverts. Simple message to those that complain, it is like SKY, don't pay then don't watch it/cannot get it, after all they costs still have to come from somewhere. If the BBC went subscription I would still pay for it, less than I can say for the likes of SKY et all. Also if you *MUST* see a series on SKY, I realised I could only see 4/5 episodes a month of it max, yet wait a few months and get the box set for £17-£22 approx for all 22 odd episodes, so less than one months sub and you had the lot, you have to watch a lot of TV to match that or beat it (I do about 3-4 hours a week). *hides back under stone*
  12. Afternoon, rather warm and very windy here, not much cloud (hardly any really) so almost unbroken sunshine and dry. Good walking weather if nothing else.
  13. Interesting subject, and one that pre-dates religion and science, the term 'ley line' is quite a modern one (1920's I think) but refers to tracks across the world that join up sites of significant importance, many of which as I said pre-date modern man, neolithic times possibly, why even in the deep distant past that animals and then humans selected sites of importance and then followed them by lines, it is history now, but science has also been trying to explain with ideas such as geo magnetic faults and electrical discharges. It ties in with history to try and explain sites such as Stone henge or the Glastonbury Tor as two examples, and is still an enigma to this day as to why such sites were chosen, but one such theory has been some sort of connecting line, this 'ley line' To answer the original question, yes I have known about them a long time.
  14. dull, windy and at times wet here, far cry from the last few days in East Norfolk when it was mainly sunny it a tad breezy with rain over night (apart from I think wednesday).
  15. Jax


    Knocker have you tried this? (it is free) https://www.gimp.org/
  16. Love Hunstanton (and Norfolk), might pop in there in a few weeks time.
  17. yup, bats out here now, good to see them make a return.
  18. really? try your local and do a test, you will be suprised at what they find.
  19. Jax

    TV drama

    Sat nights are great thanks to The Bridge (and until now Dr Who), Saga is fantastic, Henrik is interesting, the plot so far has been very exciting with many surprises already, not to mention is it living up to its thriller drama status very well so far. Slow TV? not a chance.
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