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    Computers, Reading, Art, Weather, the usual stuff. studied in Agriculture and Environmental studies as well as the sciences and related subjects, went to further ed in I.T. and later had a stint in Agri-Science, now in I.T. full time. My spare time and weekends are more countryside/village spent than town as I like nature and the beauty it can and often does produce.
    Oh and used to be a "bedroom coder" and out there somewhere are possibly the only original code/copies of three computer games I wrote in machine code on the 6502/10 and M68000 processors (C64/Amiga) along with a custom database for a video shop and even a demo for Dixons on the Amiga.
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  1. There is a 512GB micro disk! when I was a lad (stay awake at the back) I remember a 30mb winchester disk at school which looked like a water cooler in size with a glass cake dish on the top!

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    2. lassie23
    3. matty40s


      Ahhhhh, when I was a lad, I won a ZX81 in a newspaper competition - this had a 1K RAM. It came with an additional top of the range add on 16K RAM unit.

      I still have it- it is worth slightly more now than it was then!!

    4. Jax


      Oh I remember them when they only came in a kit that you had to assemble yourself. £49 I think at the time. (minus the extra 16k), the one I got for the VIC20 was I think 5k and meant bigger programs could be written in BASIC (still not made it to machine code at that time)

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