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  1. Looking forward to having some WEATHER. I hope it gets super insane windy tonight!! I dreamt I moved to Kansas last night and the locals were telling me all about the tornado sirens and how many tornadoes there are every year.

  2. OK, thats it- Im ready for spring now. Winter is a total right off, there's no more snow potential in the 4seeable future, id rather have blow torch Atlantic at this rate to get SOME type of weather, not boring high pressure *rolls eyes*. STORMS ANYONE??

  3. no snow, and no freeze makes Crimson go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! AAARRRRGH!!!!!!! I NEED SNOW NOW!!!!!! *slams head into keyboard repeatedly..*

  4. +siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh+ still....no..snow........ :(

  5. Light snow in Nottingham!!! woop-woop! Left a millimetre of dusting on the ground! Thats loads for us here!

    1. dogs32


      1ft here..lol

  6. Needs a Weather Angel- and QUICK!!!!!!

    1. meerkat63


      I can't get you a weather angel but I can manage a weather goddess - if you want one!

  7. I want a red warning from the met office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws all toys into the river trent* I NEED SNOW NOW DAMMIT!

    1. butler_son


      I've got one! And it was right, 10cm it forecast, 10cm I've got and counting!

    2. Crimson_Sprite
  8. I HATE living in the Weatherless East Mids Triangle of Deth!!

    1. butler_son


      I can't help but laugh! But you did get snow a couple of weeks ago, right?

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      hahahaha!! yeah- I got some snow +roll eyes+, which was cool, but it still is a kick in the teeth when just 10 minutes up the road got a foot and I got 10cm.. greedy I guess! Nothing since though!

  9. woke up this morning to a brilliant birthday present of snow showers!!!! YAY! There IS a snow god!!

  10. wonke up this morning to a brilliant birthday present of snow showers!!!! YAY! There IS a snow god!!

  11. I'm melting!!!!! me-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-lt-t-t-t-ing!!!

  12. Ive bin wanting 2move to Wellow for 6months now & finally took house off market cuz its not selling, & looking at radar now, Wellow is getting CLOBBERED BY SNOW!!!! AAAARRGH!!!!!

  13. OH....MY....GAWD.....I SEE WHITE STUFF!

    1. andy_leics22


      Crimsoney has dandruff =~(

  14. Thinks its quite ironic and sad that I have 3 days out of 10 for 30% storm potential and no snow potential. Not that I ever get either!!

  15. really wishes her house would sell, its been on for a YEAR now! Anyone want to live in (Sh)ottingham? Need to move to WELLOW for SNOW!

    1. andy_leics22


      Where do you wanna move?

  16. I actually could see my breath yesterday morning when walking the dog! hahahaha! Cant WAIT till I go to Gozo Island in Sept for sum SUMMER HEAT :D!!

  17. sees what looks like mammatus clouds out my window!

  18. Great June, and SUCKY July for Notts- cloudy, cold, wearing my SWEAT JACKET outside in JULY???? where the harrys has summer gone in the midlands!!??? GRRRRR......(runs off to the USA)

    1. butler_son


      That's why I got the hell out of Nottingham on 4th July and have had a wonderful July! =D

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      Hey Butler!!! I just saw your comment hahaha!! Lucky you for having a wonderful July! I just booked a holiday to Malta for september so I can go swimming and have some real HEAT! lol!!

  19. wants the heat to return IMMEDIATELY. I am not- I repeat NOT having it be mid-effing-July and only 63F outside- not impressed folks

  20. has just Cream Puffed herself over the storm prospects for Sat/Sun! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

  21. Here's me!! I tried using this photo for my profile picture, but whenever I uploaded photos, it would just show a very distorted picture of my avatar!! very. odd. I even deleted my avatar at one point and tried uploading my profile photo and netweather STILL showed every photo I uploaded as my avatar picture even though I took it away! hahahaha!! So now I have had to link my profile to my facebook profile in order to show a photo different to my lightning photo. oh dear.... lol!!!
  22. Crimson_Sprite


    Pictures I have taken of lightning in Nottingham
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