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  1. so when is our 1976 style summer going to start, because I am still lighting coal fires at night and wearing thermals and fleeces outside. :(

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    2. Crimson_Sprite


      I am not EXPECTING a 1976 summer, and in Nottingham, it is not the warmest spring on record, the driest maybe, not the warmest. Im just saying that as June approches, in NOTTS, its only in the mid-teens out (except June 2nd) and for MAY, that is rather chilly!

    3. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      geez its no where near that cold to be having fires , and wearing fleeces outside here. lol

      However next week looks very possibly for some very pleasant weather to arrive. Low to mid 20's possible mid week onwards. :D

    4. Crimson_Sprite


      LOL! My house is like a cave, good ol' fashion Victorian terrace :) Yeah, I dont expect the UK to be like 30C out, but I really was expecting the high teens low 20s by now, nevermind, i will be happy to lap up some warm weather next week!:D Just dont want that biting NE wind! I blame the breeze really for the past 2 weeks of weather. :D

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