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  1. OH....MY....GAWWD... they have just stopped airing THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON JUSTIN.TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what am I going to do????? I NEED WEATHER!!!! Im going thru withdraw!!! ..need-weather...*twitch*...going...insane..need...*twitch* weather channel...*twitch-twitch*..

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    2. Crimson_Sprite


      haha, Im over-exaggerating OBVIOUSLY. I used to watch that channel back at home as a kid; and just found it over here a few weeks ago online & have it on background while I work. Brings back lots of memories :)

    3. Mesoscale
    4. Crimson_Sprite


      :D Thanks mesoscale!!! Until I can brew my own storms here, my workshop shall be alive w/the sounds of USA storms instead. God Bless the Weather Channel.