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  1. I live in Rustington (God's waiting room), and can confirm that the few flakes observed in Worthing migrated further West much to the amusement of my son. One day we will get a channel low, fingers crossed
  2. RAMBLINGS from downtown L.A. Littlehampton West Sussex. Living on the South coast, with a few glasses of Pouilly Fume, have booked Taxi to Ditchling Beacon, a good chance of snow early tomorrow. When was the last time we had a real channel low? best wishes
  3. Downtown L.A. on Snow watch (Littlehampton West Sussex) Is there a remote possibility of a Channel Low? Have forgotten when the last one appeared? Cold and frosty at the moment, may well have to pay a visit to Ditchling Beacon to get some height later today
  4. i'm from West Sussex, downtown L.A. Littlehampton, a true channel low would be wonderful.
  5. Living for many years in downtown L.A. Littlehampton West Sussex I have always been fascinated by Channel lows. They would on many occasions be our 'one' day winters in the seventies. I know this is a specialist model discussion area, would anyone be interested in telling me the last recorded event, and prehaps steer me to a relevant ' department'. Have found the topics very interesting, and i am such a slow typer that i am hoping that a channel low will one day develop. Happy new year to you all
  6. i stay optimistic, some wood blew into my garden, ready for my sledge build, Have to commute to Ditchling Beacon. Last time it snowed on the South Downs tops i shovelled some up and took it to a Brighton Chef who was doing a special 10 course menu 'commerative launch of the Titanic'. We built an end of pier iceberg.
  7. Very interesting article Signed up today, have lived on the South Coast for many years. Remembered small vigorous Channel Lows in the 70's Live in the Worthing area No snow plenty of wood My 1st posting
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