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  1. Anyone understand why the bbc forecast for Tadcaster is vastly different to the Met office? https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcx4e35hb#?date=2018-03-17 https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/0/2636335 Meant to be making a trip from Todmorden to Tadcaster and back tomorrow!
  2. Small snow pellets falling in Todmorden, temperature has risen too to -0.5
  3. It's definitely doing something here, tiny flakes, covering the road, can't see it on the lamp post, but definitely not drifts.
  4. I can confirm, I'm just over the hill in Todmorden, it is blowing a game, any other time there would be a warning for just the wind.
  5. Some incredible ice formations down Gorpley Clough in Todmorden today!
  6. Is it me, or are the showers just appearing out if no where on the eastern flank of the Pennines? It is getting heavier again in Todmorden, after the last hour of light snow, albeit in gales and drifts. There are places bone dry where the wind has shifted the snow!
  7. Long time forum observer, never know wether to post in North West or Yorkshire being in Todmorden! Blowing a gale here in the hills between Tod and Bacup, had about 22cm so far here, it's still going strong! Plenty of drifting, it's great!
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