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  1. That may be so as a trend, more interestingly the dynamics that seem to be occuring more recently are of a significant interest in the short term........
  2. I agree, this seems to be the case these days, they are over cautious which is leading to people taking no notice of these warnings!
  3. I agree with that, the low is further south which is dragging the worst of the rain further east with it, there is always the possibility the low will move north to where it is forecast to be.......however the potential in my opinion has passed in this part of the world, something which is more common than the events that are predicted these days!! 😂
  4. A rare sight on the radar if it is to be believed is showing rain pretty much covering the whole of the UK!
  5. Bridport at roughly 5.30pm , a biblical deluge......we had a flash flood 4 weeks ago which was bad, this was much worse.......... received_2757875854431392.mp4
  6. Apologies Jo , for some reason when i viewed this post it was top of the page so i didn't see a footer to explain that tweet! Nothing massive i agree but the track of the low is quite rare........😊
  7. Interesting development that one if it comes off, quite unusual I'd say. Good job I know enough French to understand the tweet lol........
  8. What is zapping the energy for us is in the channel, that needs to drift north, it was moving our way then died back, i think look sw not south........
  9. These storms were forecast to be elavated , the channel has no affect on these, something else is killing them off..........or they arent elevated.......?
  10. All the ingredients but no action! Really surprised there are no electrical storms with this humidity.
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