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  1. I can confirm heavy snow on Beaminster Downs Dorset.
  2. Just come back from Tenerife, 4 of the 7 days where we stayed was spoilt by cloudy periods and some rain , they have better weather at xmas, it was a bit naff!
  3. Don't you know about the Steve Murr sausage? It's a real term bud...........;-)
  4. Small flakes are indicative of a good dew point, unlike the monster flakes this morning , which often comes with marginal dew points.
  5. Persistant very heavy snow like i have not seen for years........
  6. Coming down thick and fast here all surfaces covered.
  7. This is going to be good when it gets going bud I have a great job tonight, doorman at a gig , watching the snow falling by default lol.......
  8. Tomorrow night might be rain if the milder air to the south mixes in......
  9. No one can answer that question , you will know when it comes to nearer the time. You surprise me asking that, you have been a member for quite sometime, surely you have learnt something?
  10. Looks like a squall line embedded within the main rain band, in which case its probably marking the position of the cold front.
  11. If the flow remains as is with some of the models then we should do quite well again albeit this time a different type of snow than previously, the wetter type which damages trees and power lines as it did in the channel Islands a few years back...........