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  1. I'm the camp that believes the increased snow cover is a net result of GW. Warmer arctic/ more moisture/ more snow.
  2. That has developed very quickly, my guess is that is the sweet spot for increasing instability development.
  3. I think it's childish in there, I've noticed the more experienced don't take the bait, they get what I am doing lol.....
  4. I'd say you are best placed in the West of the region where you are fromey, for this to be notably widespread event then we need deep cold in place, anything less is very knife edge, inland and further north and east will always be favoured more.
  5. Mostly inland and a bit messy ,I see the coming weeks weather will be more than likely.
  6. I have just posted some reality on the hunt for cold thread, they are a bit sensitive it would seem......
  7. Put another way if the ppn got further north then yes.
  8. Well I look at the charts being posted and all I see is nothing out of the ordinary, usual winter weather with the usual places getting snow, Being a realist on here is difficult against all the potential!! The potential is there for wide spread wintery weather. We need to get the cold in first to use a cliche used a lot on here, under cutting from the east is possible to help that, it's still straw clutching as I see it.
  9. Looking good up north , the South might not do so well by the weekend .
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