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  1. A pleasant afternoon with some watery sunshine. Very mild, 17C
  2. No measurable rain here for nearly three weeks! Having to water the allotment already. And next week looks to be another dry one. After a drier than normal winter we could be looking at problems down the line. River Coly is flowing below average. Just looked at radar - maybe a few drizzly bits tonight!
  3. Indeed, barometer now reading 997hPa. Temperature falling steadily, now 5.9C. still raining heavily
  4. Raining steadily here, temperature 6.4C. Not expecting anything muchin the way of snow, maybe a shower or two overnight.
  5. River Coly at Colyton Rain eased now but much flooding.
  6. Still raining - beginning to look serious flooding wise around here. Axe valley is now on flood alert, all low lying fields and some roads flooded. Radar showing another hour or two of rain before a temporary clearance, then heavy showers
  7. Still raining hard here, a gale blowing. Barometer reading fallen 12mb in two hours. Difficult to judge exact direction of this storm - would expect coast from Hampshire eastwards to be in firing line in early hours.
  8. 980mb now - fall of 8mb in one hour. Very heavy rain and strong winds. Temp falling - 7.8C Rain totals would seem to be the issue in West Country, Wind strength more of an issue along the eastern channel coast overnight.
  9. Barometer now 984mb - fallen 4mb in last hour. Rain heavy now and wind increasing. Centre of storm now SW of Cornwall 972mb.
  10. Moderate/Heavy rain here for last couple of hours. Barometer falling, now 988mb. Temperature 8.2C, humidity 95% Wind yet to strengthen but isobars to S/SW tightening. With this storm and Monday's following on it's heels expecting high rainfall totals and some overflowing rivers in these parts!
  11. Moderate to heavy rain all morning here, just beginning to ease a bit. Temp only 9.3C, humidity 97%, barometer starting to rise slowly, now 1010.5 Looks as though heaviest rain is now edging into Dorset. Certainly did not forecast extent and persistence of rain today! Looking forward to the more settled and wamer weather forecast for later in the week!
  12. A cool, cloudy day, lowest daytime temperature fo a long while. Raining quite hard here this evening - some orange echoes on the radar.
  13. An unexpected day - three storms and plenty of rain! Remarkably the temperature at the moment is 21C - higher than it has been all day (17C - 18C most of the day)! Humidity has been stuck on 96% all day.
  14. Third storm of the morning just passed through - looks clearer to our south, though cannot rule out more showers later. Looking very lively Swanage way!
  15. First storm of the morning now overhead - frequent thunder & lightning. A string of further storms heading north over the channel look set to impact in next hour or so. Temp 18C Humidity 96%