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  1. Just giving my views - why is this forum so confrontational - I have a very firm grip thank you!
  2. Great post! A sign of things to come - is it these extremes that the models fail to get to grips with? Will they have to be re-calibrated to factor in such events as they become the norm? In an increasingly volatile climate will we have to find new ways to forecast our weather?
  3. Some heavier showers edging in to Cornwall on radar - showing as snow. Also large area of snow showers tracking across Ireland in our direction, south west forecast mentions frequent showers tonight.
  4. Just planted my runner beans and french beans - taking a chance but they were getting really huge in growhouse! It's a fine line this time of the year - all that hard work producing the plants and jack frost undoes it all! Next few days looking good though - hopefully give the plants a chance to acclimatise.
  5. Two yellow warnings for rain in SW now in force for today/tomorrow and Sunday/Monday! And cold with it! Allotment saturated, spring sowing/planting way behind this year.
  6. Yellow warning now in force for SW until tomorrow. With more rain forecast over next few days flooding could well be an issue.
  7. Some photos of snow today in and around Colyton. Easing off now - probably 10cms plus. Temperature rising a tad +0.3C now
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