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  1. Quite a nice day overall, one or two rain showers coming through but nothing major. Excellent rainbow at about 1500. Variable cloud but notable increase in Cs later in the day ahead of tonight’s LP. Currently 4.8C and cloudy.
  2. Nowt along here in Haddington, although the low cloud is causing havoc with the light pollution. Thought we had a nice aurora display going but turned out to be the security lights at the giant produce shed on the road to aberlady
  3. Got my eye on those showers working their way through fife just now. Slight southerly tilt on the last 2-3 radar returns but expecting them to probs hit Edinburgh (if they survive the trip across the forth ) Typical East Lothian. Blast it up the A1 to the Jewel and it'll be a winter wonderland.
  4. Temps are dropping like a stone out there tonight. -2.3C here but in a very sheltered back garden. Edinburgh Airport reporting -6C on the 1850z METAR and Leuchars at -5C
  5. A chilly 0C right now here with a low of -6C last night. Tonight/tomorrow morning looks interesting, does look like the SE borders will do well but these situations are very much dependent on nowcasting. Models always seem to struggle with shower setups. Radar/obs/METARS and probs the high res EURO4, ICON-EU and ARPEGE are the best bets
  6. Need not fear residents of Whitburn! Steve’s Sensational Scottish Snowplough will get you tae work in the city easy!
  7. love it. Imagine it pure blastin down the M8. The snow would have nae chance
  8. Agreed, always love your posts in the model thread Steve. I reckon we should name one of our gritters after you!
  9. All things going to plan, the big blob SW of Edinburgh is gonna give Edinburgh, Lothians, Fife etc a right good dumping. 30-45mins I reckon.
  10. Dry so far but cold. Just had a phone notification from the Met, with the yellow warning being extended eastwards. Game on say Exeter!
  11. Seems to be a bit of beef on them. Here’s hoping they survive the commute down the M8. Real question is if they keep going or enter their death throes at Harthill Services! Glasgow airport reporting 2c/1c with Edinburgh at 1/-1c and Drumlabin 1c/0c
  12. Yeah it’s going to their heads a bit. Never mind though! We’ll be enjoying our light dustings in the morning with a big bowl of cornflakes whilst they’re helicoptered off the M4
  13. Not getting too excited about the next 12-24hrs. Potential for some showers bringing a dusting of snow. ARPEGE is saying aye why not, ICON-EU, GFS et al saying not a chance mate. Fri/Sat could be interesting but more runs needed. Enjoy the snow when it comes westerners!
  14. Occasional light showers intermixed with blue sky. Breezy. Temp 11C
  15. , probably the most hilarious sentence I've read in my 7 years on netweather!
  16. Frequent lightning here for the last 45 minutes, both IC and CG. Thunder also very loud
  17. Lights probably going to go out here soon, insane lightning and gunshot thunder edit: lights flickering rapidly, this is absolutely mental
  18. Saw a good few flashes of lightning here also, just to the NW. Attention turning to the clump of storms coming over the border now!
  19. Cell has fired over the borders heading N, Catch i'd keep your eyes peeled! Actually as I type two cells! Lightning detected! Streams of warm air arriving here now, temp is rocketing Edit 1148: Judging by the 1140 radar, they are going to give Dunbar a direct hit, slight NNE tilt. I should get a view from the W, side on!
  20. Aye got about 4/8 of mid layer stuff, mostly Ac. The back up thermometer is reading 21.9C so seems a bit accurate than the other one, taking into account what other nearby stations are saying. Does look nice down your way
  21. 19.4C and rising on the thermometer at the moment. Edinburgh Airport is at 15C as of 0820 but there seems to be a slight onshore breeze their at the moment, Charterhall at 18C. Forecasted to reach 25C this afternoon here but I wouldnt be surprised to see slightly higher if the onshore breeze doesn't affect us and the cloud thins and breaks
  22. East Lothian went SNP by a 7000 majority , never thought i'd see that in my life! usually very safe labour seat!
  23. Cheerio Jimbo! never thought i'd see the day
  24. yeah, if only this had happened during the winter and aye typical sods law it'll go back to G3-G4 as soon as darkness strikes the UK
  25. G4 still, just about touching a G5. Bz -17.8 south, and its misty here Edit: "The observed Kp index is 8+ but the predicted K-indice of 9- indicates that stronger geomagnetic conditions might occur at this moment."
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