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  1. Absolutely insane KP right now, estimated at 8.67 just about touching 9!!!!! G5 geomagnetic storm *runs for cover* If only it was clear!!!!!

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    2. conor123


      Typical it's clear skies here but thick mist/smog ruining any visibility.

    3. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Never saw them last year when places south did, can't see them again now. We have an Aurora shield to add to the snow and thunder ones.

    4. Mokidugway


      Don't forget the eclipse shield ...

  2. Just saw Rob McElwee on Al Jazeera Weather!!! Wayhey :D

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    2. Mesosphere


      Defo the best :D a true coldie!

    3. Daniel*


      Loved his forecasts he always had a smile and a buzz

    4. lassie23


      bbc employed a bunch of clones instead

  3. Highway to Hell at No.5 in the midweek charts, aiming for No.1 at christmas, get downloading!

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    2. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      As in the Chris Rea song? Is this an anti X-factor thing?

    3. A.J


      no Bish, ACDC...get with the times man! ;) .....posted the acdc for no1 thing on my facebook months ago, it's paying dividends

    4. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Whoops, my mistake. I was thinking of The Road To Hell.

  4. Off to Murifield for The Open on friday and sunday :D Tartan trousers are at the ready!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Tartan shorts would be better with the heatwave set to continue

  5. About an inch of snow here this morning :D

  6. everyone to the chat room!

  7. Lest We Forget , RIP

  8. lovely NLC display in the northern half of the sky here :D

    1. shuggee


      Yep - lovely.

    2. Jonathan F.

      Jonathan F.

      It's possibly the best display I've ever seen. Amazing.

  9. bang on 23C here

  10. 9.30am and it's 17.5C , my oh my

  11. everyone set for doomsday? , just under 2 hours to go!

    1. Jane Louise

      Jane Louise

      Yes, all set here lol

  12. Go Endeavour! :D , Good Luck to all the crew

    1. full_frontal_occlusion


      Launch scrubbed for at least 48 hours.

  13. lol *applauds loudly for ryan*

  14. *farts loudly*


  15. 503!!!! 503!? , oh for the love of god *implodes*

  16. ooh ah cantona , i say ooh ah cantona! , lol

  17. Ra Ra Rasputin!!! , come on folks do some russian dancing!

  18. but nothing compares to this blue and yellow purple hills! :D

  19. sent home early from school :D

  20. school off tommorow , 19-20cm in front driveway and a further 5-10cm tonight :D!!!

  21. 16cm of snow in the front driveway , loving this cold spell and the north sea!

  22. No school today because of the snow!!! :D!

    1. Stuart


      all the schools are cloded here to

  23. hot dog! , jumping frog! , ALBU-QUERQUE!

    1. azores92


      prefab sprout, love it, worrying because that song is older than me lol

    2. Mesosphere


      lol , yeah it's a good song

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