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  1. It's time to inject a bit of life into this forum isn't it? Lots of indications that we're on track for a colder than average next few months. This morning was a shock to the system, although no frost around these parts. Maybe by the weekend, when another cold front floods south?
  2. It always feels like we're future gazing... Cold potential for next weekend?
  3. A proper chill in the air from about 3 this afternoon. Temp here -2.4°C been steady for a few hours.
  4. BBCWeather on Radio 4 just now talked of rain from the west on Monday. Hoped for better out of this cold spell. Some hail/snow last night but all driven on a very strong wind and with temps no lower than 1c there was no freeze. Even tonight temps widely 4c across the county.
  5. Currently 2.7c with a dew point of 0.2c... Could we be unlucky out west?
  6. Dew point is now -0.2c Air temp +1.6c. Mainly clear skies.
  7. There are plenty of showers headed your way, and temps are falling behind them.
  8. precipitation seems to have moved away from the south west now. ;(
  9. Latest here, the dew point has dropped about .5c in the last hour. Current obs: Dewpoint: 0.4c Temp: 2.4c RH: 87%
  10. Even Derek Brockway is tweeting about a cold spell next week. Must be a good sign!
  11. Guess, we'll have to wait a little bit longer...
  12. A nice bit of snow/hail in the mix, with even a temporary covering here. A dusting over the Preselis. Pretty windy and a significant windchill. The dangler is nothing more than big clouds now, will it return?
  13. Lots of end of the month cold chatter on Twitter... Let's liven this place up a little...
  14. This page is really slowing down now. C'mon guys, we don't just have to chat about the snow... although with high pressure in charge, the weather isn't going to be that exciting. Enjoy the sunshine!
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