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  1. Nice to see the old WetNether Region threads up and running and reporting days of endless NO. Hope you're all well - here's hoping for a whiter 14/15 than last year's mess! BR Wysi
  2. The radar hasn't updated since 22:25. Do we have any news as to what is causing the downtime? Cheers Wysi
  3. wysiwyg

    Rare Chorley snow.

    Taken with N95 8GB camera on night setting during the band of heavy snow that passed through on 23 December 2009.
  4. Nurse! The screens!

  5. only brown dog????what do you mean only!!!!lol

  6. it's bloomin freezing here today!send emergency rum asap mate lol

  7. I thought you were challenging me to a fight to the death..........Fightto the death........this is a canteen...........I work here!

  8. how's wizzer today?

  9. 1998 iirc. Tests done underground so little stratospheric effect but maybe significant effect from dust thrown up
  10. One small sliver of benefit from these tests was that they put some unique Carbon isotopes into the atmosphere that help researchers to sort out paleo-climatic temperature data sources. Woopeeee!
  11. Sure did - but I think patience is the name of the game in European ties - Liverpool as a club are past masters at that.
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