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  1. I'm just a couple of miles away from you and nothing here!
  2. I think we can safely say that looking at the lack of ppn that it's not going to be heavy snow for most.
  3. She was only on for a minute at the beginning, I think she's been sedated to cope with it.
  4. Diane on the BBC doesn't think this will get as far north as Cumbria but for the rest of the region....Meto has me down for snow throughout the evening and night now.
  5. Well, upgrade again for me, snow for tomorrow evening and wednesday morning on the meto and bbc, obviously that could change...
  6. I seem to recall reading several articles in the media a couple of years ago stating that the BBC were going to try and represent weather forecasting more positively. I guess it's just a case of not calling it until it's nailed on for fear of getting it wrong?
  7. Seems to be being revised with every run at the moment, just shows how difficult this is to forecast. It does seem to be looking likely for snow for our region on Tues/Weds now. The MOD thread is fun to follow, lots of swings from one extreme to the other.
  8. Northwich has just had a very decent if brief ten minutes of proper snow, decent sized flakes as well. Just stopped in the last couple of minutes.
  9. Any of this likely to reach Cheshire tonight? MetO suggest snow later even though it appears to be downgraded, not looking too promising for the south of the region tonight on the radar so far. Next week still looks promising.
  10. A nice dusting of snow near Northwich, it was snowing moderately until a couple of minutes ago. Hooray. Might be a bit more to come? After last winter where I didn't see a single snowflake, it's turned out to be a bumper winter so far...relatively.
  11. Actually I thought next week is looking pretty promising looking at the charts today?
  12. This is just great, still going, completely unexpected. I thought a few flakes would be nice either side of heavy rain. I'm struggling to follow the radar as it seems to show that it shouldn't be snowing now?
  13. Seems to be 'peak snow' here now, really big flakes and much drier. It's definitely pepped up again, after more moderate snow with smaller flakes. Been snowing for nearly two hours now without stopping. How long will this continue?
  14. Nice big flakes and sticking. Thought it might have trouble given the heavy rain but it's a covering already.
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