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  1. It’s still warmer here in Stroud than it was on Tuesday. Just went up Selsley Common, all the clouds are flat! A few are trying to build up. My bit of the SW is on the very tip of the new storm forecast on this site, but not expecting much unless the heat holds on as the colder air comes in.
  2. This looks a bit familiar to me(the showers off the south coast)! The storms that came over Stroud Tuesday night looked like this at the start... of course it’ll probably turn out completely different, just being greedy...
  3. As people are scoring last night.... 8.5 for me in Stroud. I only saw forked lightening maybe 2 dozen times (which to be fair is more than all last year, and the year before..) but my God the sky was electric. It was strobing with high level stuff constantly for an hour and a half or more, and it was bright enough at the peak to light everything up more than daylight. Was right overhead me. The thunder wasn’t loud or that much, but it was constant for about 30 mins of that. I’ve only had one 10/10 storm, 20 years ago at the top of Glastonbury Tor, went right over the top of the hill. It was strobing then, but all forked lightening, pink, blue, white, orange and even red! It was everywhere.
  4. Can’t tell where you were, but if you’re Stroud way again, and storms are a bit further west and south than Stroud, go to Coaley Peak viewpoint, off the B road between Stroud and Uley (on the right just past the left turn to Nympsfield). Great view of the Black Mountains all the way round to the Malverns.
  5. That was stunning here in Stroud, the strobing lightning show before the rain hit was amazing, then strong wind, then constant thunder with torrential rain and forked lightning. Back to some strobing lightning now!
  6. Wow broken cloud here but the sky has strobing lightening in many places - it’s not bright but there’s a lot of it.
  7. I It is unpleasant, I put a fence today... However! If we actually get a decent storm all will be forgiven...
  8. Hi Chris, Just had those raindrops too down the road in Rooksmoor. Biggest I’ve ever seen! Only took a minute to soak the road, and it was hardly torrential. Just been in the Storm thread, Matt Hugo quote on there, looks like our bit of the SW primed for 9/10pm... been too long here, last summer the proper storms were always 20 miles away - N S E or W!
  9. Heavy rain, drizzle, moderate rain, drizzle, heavy rain mix today. And the moderate and heavy rain spells have been the longest. Grass and hedges are going to grow well the next week or 2! Amazing growing season this year so far - and just at the point it was about to stop as its been so dry, we’ve had the wettest day here since early June.
  10. ^ Same here in Stroud - it’s gonna stick around a while looking at the radar. Oh well, it’s needed, and it’s only temporary, not like the first 2 weeks of June!
  11. Hi Knocker, I’ve think I may have said this before in the regional thread. But I just want to say I really value your posts on here. I enjoy and am interested in a lot of the posts on here, right down to the extremities! But as a landscape gardener your posts are certainly the most useful to me personally. Thanks
  12. Warm today! Looked at Netweather’s own forecast this morning, that suggested 16c today where I am - I’m only relying on my iPhone but it says 21c now at nearly 6pm! I was grass cutting at 1pm in full sun and it felt very warm.. bodes well for the week I reckon.
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