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  1. Having said upthread how warm it feels in Stroud, Glos, and hour later there’s a fresher wind in the mix now. Very warm when still, but noticeably cooler when it blows.
  2. Hi Paul, I’m in Stroud, Glos, and it’s very warm here. Any chance the storm risk may extend further south of the Midlands, I’m sure it’s warmer than predicted? Or am just going to see clouds bubble up and drift away north without any action!
  3. Ok thanks - I was just focusing on the western edge expanding a bit as I’m in Gloucestershire!
  4. No idea what will happen, but it’s going Pretty much straight north...
  5. What is likely to happen when this system comes over land? Thanks
  6. Looking at the radar the last half hour, the stuff from France seems to have expanded a lot to the west...
  7. I know that thunderstorm locations are impossibly to predict even a few hours ahead, but if I believe the graphics on the Met Office video forecast, not going to get anything at all in Gloucestershire in the next 24 hours! Anywhere SW, N or East of me in Stroud will do fine!
  8. My best storm was in August ‘98, can’t remember exact date, when I was living in Glastonbury. Went up Glastonbury Tor on a hot/humid evening to see the sunset and catch a breeze. I didn’t have a tv then let alone a weather radar, so had no idea what was coming. Was up there with maybe a dozen other people (no one I knew, I went on my own). Just as the sun was setting a wind came from the east (no one was looking that way!) and I remember turning around and seeing a couple of separate small looking storms rolling over the Somerset levels, rapidly coming in the direction of the hill, fork lightening everywhere and some shotgun thunder started. A few people legged it down the hill, but the rest of us stayed. Within 15 minutes the cloud was nearly overhead, and surprisingly low. The forked lightening was very frequent, and I saw a few strikes on the hill below me (the other people had got down!), something I’d never seen before. A few minutes later the cloud was right above, and this the only time in my life I’ve seen lightening go sideways in front of me, and below me, frequently and seemingly so close I could touch it, and I saw purple, blue, green and orange lightening. After some flashes it felt the air went for a split second and it was hard to catch a breath, and the thunder had a sub bass quality to it, and was ‘felt’ rather than heard. The other people who stayed had different reactions (it was Glastonbury Tor, so bear that in mind!). One person was rolling on the ground laughing, some people were stood stone cold silent in awe, a lady was very scared and crying. I pointed out the lightening conductor on the old church tower and said we should be ok. The lightening show and thunder lasted maybe 15 minutes, then torrential rain came for maybe 5 mins, and then it was gone, out to sea. It was fairly short, but utterly stunning.Its one of the most vivid memories I have of anything in my life. It felt like I was in the cloud when it was happening. I couldn’t sleep for many hours after..
  9. Interesting this forecast mentions a ‘hole’ in higher CAPE values in central southern England due to stubborn cloud. Very happy to say I’ve got sun here in Gloucestershire already. It feels a bit warmer and a bit more humid than yesterday morning as well. We had a great storm yesterday, so hopefully a repeat today!
  10. Any hope for a small storm later? A few are moving up from France, but I guess they may not get here if the wind changes. Or if it does change, will a few pop up for the SW?
  11. Hi all, not posted here for ages, I’m really a snow-or-thunderstorm guy, and both have been lacking! So not a fair weather person... Bit worried about rainfall this weekend - the storm hasn’t come yet but it’s been raining moderately on and off for the last 3 hours already. Can’t believe how saturated the ground is. I’m a landscape gardener and I’ve not known the ground to be this wet, for so long. For 3 or 4 years before this autumn/winter digging for work has been difficult in many places because ground with a high clay content has been rock hard a few inches down, as it’s been so very dry. Within a month from the end of September, the opposite has been true. Ground work is hard going because soil has been so damn heavy due to wet! I’ve already had a few customers asking for their lawn to be cut (the other part of my business) as it’s grown. I’ve had to say not yet, as our professional mowers are heavy, and will leave tracks in the grass which may not disappear. Going to be a difficult spring in that regard! Also when this pattern eventually breaks, if we get a really warm spring/early summer, expect hedges and trees to grow a lot this year... Hope everyone’s fences and trees survived last weekend, and good luck for this one!
  12. Rain here in Stroud is amazing... every road on a long hill is a river, and the lower roads are a foot under water. It’s coming off the fields. It’s been bad in places here before, but I’ve not seen so much flowing water on so many roads. Damn, shame it’s not 0c! Proper buried...
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