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  1. Being greedy, but can this shift south like last time...😁
  2. Not sure Cornwall to Hampshire (West to East) and up to Gloucestershire to the North is that ‘localised’. That’s a good chunk of England! And a few days previous Yorkshire was on the news for snow. And Aberdeenshire was a bit chilly? And Sennybridge. What counts as cold spell these days? Sure it’s been short and not everyone’s had a foot of snow, and it’s not been the Day After Tomorrow everyone’s been hoping for since the SSW, but come on it has been pretty good in different ways for very different areas of the country as far as a cold spell goes..
  3. I saw my neighbours cat leave prints that looked exactly like that, though possible a bit smaller. So fox maybe?
  4. Well this whole event has been a stunner IMBY! Yeah we’ve had a thaw this afternoon, depth is down to 3-4 inches away from buildings. Repeating myself from earlier on, but even the radar watch was great, after what looked like a raging disappointment for me at 8pm last night. I’ve found this event much better than last March - for all of its lateness, sub zero temps and amazing powder snow, it was all a bit odds on happening compared to this one! And I do prefer crunchy snow tbh. Reminds me of the early 80’s when I was a kid. Sorry for those who just missed out, happy for those still getting it! Have to clear my fairly long steep drive in the morning now though - getting out easy enough, but not back in!
  5. I think that looks about right going by the radar last hour or so.
  6. That’s good news for us in and around the Stroud district. The 12z has it probably 20 miles too far south, I wouldn’t have hardly any snow falling compared to what is. I’d like to get to 3pm, as the sun will be dropping fast then!
  7. I had a similar amount depth wise in March, but I’m in a dip below Rod common and Rooksmoor Hill so I think it gathered well here out of the wind. The powder looked stunning when it was falling, like glitter, but on the ground I way prefer what we have now!
  8. And it does look like it’s very slowly all moving south - but at this rate and with one more decent pivot from my east, I’ll have a few hours yet here! Can’t see a melt today unless the sky completely clears, but might be too late by then. Any ideas on how cold tonight?
  9. It is compacting here - it’s not deeper than a few hours ago. I cleared a bit off my bin, and it’s getting covered again. So no thaw here! Just more crunchy... and falling steady again after a half hour lull.
  10. Thanks for that. That’s very interesting! It barely moves between 11am and 4pm on that. It’s currently what, 60 miles or more west of that? I wonder if it will stay in situ where it is until 4pm?!
  11. I get that. But I broke the seal - it’s got that amazing sound underfoot!
  12. The other thing that has surprised me is how the temperature must be very stable - only inches away from buildings there is no thaw at all. The only snow to come off the trees is because of wind. This is certainly unusual where I am after a night of snow fall like this. Yeah last March was different, but it was -5 when it was snowing, all powder from the east. But this came from the SW and started as rain, and is more ‘classic’ SW snow, bit wet and crunchy!
  13. Running the animation on postcode zoom, it is spinning! I still can’t get my head around how it’s still in the same place - Id have thought it would of cleared east of the Cotswolds by now, let alone the Mendips! No complaints tho....
  14. I’ve asked this on the Cold Hunt thread, it’s not too busy on there so hoping the post won’t get lost and I’ll get reply! I’ve run the radar animation from 4 hours ago to now - apart from losing the thin line of snow to the east this little system has only moved a few miles east in all that time. Amazing. And yeah it just keeps going like you said! Is it really pulling more stuff from the SE that’ll end up in it? Bloody hell!