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  1. Nice photo, but bit naughty, you really shouldn’t be taking photos when driving…..
  2. Thanks, I guess potentially least likely outcome I’ve read on this thread, but being in Gloucestershire I’ll take this one!
  3. Didn’t see it fall, but nearly an hour after a hailstorm yesterday this was left in the garden I’m working in... arrived in Stroud a few minutes after it had finished, Waitrose car park had an inch of slush all over it, and that side of town all the houses were white, and some cars had 2 inches of hail on the top! Shame I missed the fall, but nice to see the aftermath.
  4. That mirrors the accumulated rainfall chart in the Netweather forecast today... why is that? Is it just the opposite of orographic lift?
  5. Radar is a bit glitchy, this was one frame back with precip type ‘on’. Wouldn’t that be good!
  6. Interesting night... it’s windy, cold, with broken cloud, but there is light snow falling, more than the few grains this morning. It’s not on the radar. Clearly visibly drifting past the street light
  7. That could well be interesting almost anywhere - streamers going right across the country. In the right band, if it’s persistent and moderate could easily give a covering if the ground’s cold enough. Just a couple weekends ago 3 inches fell here from what was tbh moderate snow at best, and for less than 2 hours. Of course wind may scupper things a bit - could be bare grass, but 6 inch drifts along fences and walls! See what occurs, radar and windows from tonight...
  8. Just seen that! Even people just miles west of the heavy incoming band are moaning it’s not arrived as planned. Jeez this could be a 24 hour event for them and it’s obvious it’s getting colder. There’s even a few flakes falling where I am and it’s come from that direction! I’d be very happy if I was that close to something moving my way, late or not.
  9. I think reading between the lines, look at the radar 3 times a day, and if there is precip near where you live showing, run the animation back an hour to try see where it will head next. None of the snow/rain/sleet, or whatever event has happened for you, has followed the model predictions even 12 hours out, since Christmas. We’re on the cusp of a decent cold spell that will last at least 5 days, and may well return after a few mild days - for the sake of our own sanity the actual rainfall radar is the best bet - if it’s coming, it’s coming, if it’s not it’s not! Disclaimer - no d
  10. It must some esoteric scenario involving the hula hoops.... but that doesn’t explain the snow around it though.
  11. Well the radar is definitely showing bands of precip, so whatever falls will be a bit on/off, but could be very heavy snow for some when on!
  12. In theory use by dates for cans is just over precaution.... canned food has been found that is many decades old and perfectly edible because the vacuum seal hasn’t been broken. I reckon those 2 would smell pretty bad if they really went off 5 years ago!
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