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  1. 9 pages on the ignore list.. I personally don’t like coming home to read one post in eight hours that would be depressing. I would assume a raging Bartlett High, Ian Brown back to good form and no sub 10c CET any more in winter Happy to read all levels of the debate The GFS 6z is clearly a back track with 12z GFS awaited. As we don’t have cross level model agreement 12z GFS will either continue with the new trend and gain support from ECM UKMO or not , fairly straight forward. Will have a better idea by the end of the pub run lets hope its not
  2. Excellent post with supporting chart , folks can take there own view re what they see.
  3. GFS 18z.. first pub run of the winter that could be ticket only- lock in .
  4. Must be a solution out there, working on it supporting chart attached
  5. Yes no white stuff . Have a merry blue christmas everyone
  6. Every year we get those pesky short waves in FI ! Supporting chart attached
  7. You can down load IJIS figures from here . Weekly updates were nice but I guess takes time and as no step changes on the cards, i fear interest in the Arctic has and will wain https://ads.nipr.ac.jp/vishop/#/extent
  8. Easy way to find out for folks new to model watching when they come home tomorrow evening. If ECM 'back tracks' and follows gfs 18z by 6pm tomorrow we will be on page 149 , if gfs tends towards ECM evolution we will be on page 139 by 6pm If were on page 149 start at 131 and read it like a good book and tell the misses she is cooking.
  9. These were observations of what the DMI temps (average temp 80N and above) for 2016 to cf 2017 and the contrast is self evident with average temps being 15/20c lower then this time last year. Although i cant add the latest 2017 which shows a upward path 'technically' all above the long term average.
  10. What a difference a year makes re DMI High Arctic holding on to its cold this year.
  11. But we will get there in the end ? Spporting chart attached
  12. July 1983

    The day that turned tonight july 1983. have the article in my weather book. remember it well
  13. November 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    6.9c turning darker
  14. According to my diary I was. Gave detail account of my snowman in Jan 79. I know i did cheat and added ice from freezer near the end to keep it alive. Back then you were gutted if you missed the farmers weekly forecast. Please to note lamp post watching hasn't changed nor my need to build a snow man if we get a cold snap. It did snow in dec 78 as well.
  15. Mine too 18 December 2.42pm this pic was taken. Heavy snow for hours.