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  1. I can work from home easily and have been during covid. Have now been pulled back into the office 2 days out of 5. with a 50 mile round trip in the car each time. For me sure have some office base activities but not full time. Save the planet and let me have a lie in 3 days a week
  2. Spring has arrived finally 5 May . Last year hot tub was in full use. 2038370470_VID_20210505_110412(2).mp4
  3. Remember Jan 87 very well, my parent moved in a near blizzards, I was 21 Nice to see its snowing on my birthday today 9th Feb. who can forget Feb 9th 1986 the snow om my 21st birthday. Often snows on my birthday This year ill put the bins out to celebrate
  4. The snow overnight has melted on side roads i didn't expect that. The odd snow shower but not much. Snow covers about 70% of areas
  5. Hi there

    I was 14 in 1979 remember that winter well. Use to keep a diary back then

  6. Apologues So since 1994 we have lost 0.000000035% of all ice !!! so nothing or are clacs incorrect ?
  7. Aware of that data source, calcs appear correct happy to be corrected Antarctic ice sheet - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  8. Its like saying you have 100% increase chance of winning the lottery, statistically true but still close to 0 chance. The wonders of stats. total volume of the Antarctic ice is 30 million km3. Someone had fun calculating that this is equivalent to 9×1016 ice cubes. In terms of tons , thats 26,500,000 giga tons. One gigs ton = to 1,000,000 tons . So 26,500,000,000,000 tons of ice in Antarctica. Ice loss 1,200,000,000 tons. so 0.00004 percent lost of Antartica ice or say 0.000035 of all ice. So since 1994 we have lost 0.000035% of all ice !!!
  9. Obviously the GFS 12z is going to be off a lot of interest. Two ways of looking at it.
  10. Im at 500ft now rain turning to snow. Maybe too far south for anything decent
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