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  1. stewfox

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    Anyone got the new link ? Always seem to change in summer IJIS site https://ads.nipr.ac.jp/vishop/#/extent
  2. 12.2c and 98mm.Hope I don't get a penalty for being a few mins late genuine reason for that.
  3. Heavy snow now in Guildford wasn't expected
  4. BBC will have a field day again Bozo the dog is found safe Impressive GFS chart for 9am Sunday, if only it was January
  5. stewfox

    Internet in rental property

    Im with sky see if i can transfer thanks
  6. stewfox

    Internet in rental property

    Its min 6 months , will they need a landline to have wireless internet set up
  7. stewfox

    Internet in rental property

    Maybe most stupid question but going into rented from Monday for first time ever for a short while (always home owner) How do I set up internet for my laptop. I don't really want a phone line How does it work any good recommendations ? Obviously I have my mobile but want to use my laptop as well
  8. ?? Its 10am why would you travel to London and get the next train back ?? Is it essential
  9. stewfox

    Arctic Sea ice the refreeze 2017/18

    I think your right GW the word 'record' as i have said before is so over used on such short time spans people do turn off Record Antarctica sea ice levels one a year and a few years later record lows. Record low arctic ice extent etc Maybe discussions on 'impact' should be the focus. Another 'record' for warmth so early on DMI 80N Arctic (records since 1958)