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  1. I'm sorry to announce Fred the snowman died at 9am this morning. Born at 12 noon on 1st February he reached 165 hours . The funeral will take place on Saturday
  2. Fred made it through the night but this bad news 😥😥😘
  3. Fred had a bad night last night on his way out 😥😥
  4. Fred was born 12 noon 1sr Feb. Pic of him just before 2 days old. Out look not good 😥
  5. Fred's still ok thanks for asking folks
  6. Like a Alpine ski resort little melt
  7. Flat pack snowman just arrived
  8. Still snowing moderately now
  9. Heavy snow now . Just shows you never know with snow
  10. Fred the south east mascot is happy got some arms now still chucking it down .Anyone up load a radar map . Not expected
  11. I've built a quality snow man for those who got done
  12. Tell me about it 12 miles south .still snowing
  13. Still chucking it down . Not expected