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  1. Defaulting to a westerly ?? long live the westerly bias T168 FI T240 GFS FI
  2. Get the misses to make you a cup of tea and a sandwich ,6 hours will go in no time,,,, it is coming Only -14c uppers end of February
  3. You giving daffodils a reprieve based on what ? Don't you think its their time to suffer just once. GFS Monday morning Bury them, just once
  4. Sorry JH but comparing model runs 24hrs apart won't happen today. Gfs out every six hours a life time apart. Anyone know of a model that updates hourly 😎. ECM your so naughty.
  5. The SSW of Feb 2018

    Your own 'facts' you refer to are 'likely' concepts .. so lets let others 'debate' the likely causes As I said by 2040 we should have a better idea. ------------------------------------------------------------ The IPCC Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX), also discusses the relationship between human-caused climate change and various types of extreme weather events. For example, the SREX says:
  6. The SSW of Feb 2018

    Yes ill pop in about 2040 and see if I've changed my mind. Arguments are circular many more years are needed.
  7. In need I would urge folks to occasionally look up from their computer on Sunday while they are looking at T240 T384 charts and SSW. Sunday 6pm
  8. Bit of light snow here, now stopped
  9. Just had very light snow flurry here in Didcot today
  10. All to play for T384 looks promising GFS needs to deliver , waiting for 12Z to roll out
  11. My eyes are not what they were ..whats a couple of hundred miles west ? GFS 6z GFS0Z
  12. I would disagree Id say most of the time GFS 06Z rolling out Pic as is now seen worst
  13. Thanks with you and SM on board just need Ian Brown now, where is he ? These are not "I don't believe it charts", but like buses nice to see so many -10c turn up next week over the uk GFS 0Z 5/2 GFS 0Z 6/2 GFS 9/2 Go away