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  1. Away for a few weeks so going to be warm and wet 17.3c and 102mm like 1983 the day the sun never shone
  2. stewfox


    3.46am. The longest day
  3. ??? It was all part of the mental heath awareness week on radio 4 (last week) have you listen to the podcasts.?? These were experts he had no agenda and had been in the industry for decades. He acknowledged mental health was a dirty word 10 years ago but feared that funds (unfortunately not unlimited) are not going to the right people . It was part of a wider debate.
  4. Interesting debate on radio 4 the other day that the increasing labeling of people with 'mental health issues' rather then the "ups and downs of life", will dilute the funds required for people that really need it. I wish I could remember the guys name he suggested promotion of mental health was good 10 years ago but now its way over the top and those with real mental health issues with suffer
  5. Apologies I didn't read the tabloids just what was said , regardless alarming to be sure """However, Stephanie Fitzeherbert, a spokeswoman for Vescovo’s team, says that information can’t be confirmed. “No candy wrappers,” she wrote in an email to the National Post. She did confirm, however, that whatever Vescovo found at the bottom of the ocean floor is, “something that resembled man-made waste” but could not say whether it was a plastic bag."""" https://nationalpost.com/news/media-reports-of-a-plastic-bag-and-candy-wrappers-lying-on-the-worlds-deepest-ocean-floor-may-not-be-true
  6. To be fair they don't know what they saw in the Trench but it makes good news
  7. I think we all care I’d be happy with £1 on a plastic bag or £500 for throwing litter on the ground. There was a thing on the Radio 4 today ,scientist looking at ways of increasing artic sea ice cover but I can’t find it via google ?
  8. The end of the world stuff has been going on for hundreds of years and along with extinctions/wipe outs and warming stories for the last 30 years bla bla I guess the BBC felt a ‘royal baby ‘was more news worthy then another alarmist report . Looking at the report with the usual ‘maybe’ missing data etc etc I can see some nice pics of some polar bears walking around garbage dump if you like that sort of stuff.
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