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  1. Pelting it down in Bristol, having just gone for a walk I think this outdoes 2010 in regards the snowfall! Really deep in places!
  2. You know things are looking good when Steve Murr is posting in the south west thread. Hoping Bristol can get 10 cm + Come on!!
  3. Its bitter out there, to see powder snow blowing around on the 1st March is quite something.
  4. update, it appears it was exactly the same thing here, pipe had frozen, the like of which we have never seen before!! Heating back on. Can sit back and enjoy some radar watching.
  5. The British Gas phone number appears to be down as well! Luckily we have managed to get someone else over to have a look!!
  6. Moderate snow in Bristol, cant believe the central heating has packed in what a day for it to go!!!!!
  7. Im not sure what I am going to do with myself when its all over!
  8. Off topic but VAR is not fit for purpose - hoping this game puts and end to it!!
  9. Great forecast from Ian F hopefully that will settle some nerves in here.
  10. Yes, still times for upgrades /downgrades. The fact it is realistically our last chance of the winter for meaningful snow makes it even more nerve racking!
  11. Great big lovely flakes in Bristol, Brilliant!! Nice little covering! Wasn't expecting this
  12. nice dusting here, more than i expected! Looks lovely out there
  13. Mr Plough

    Christmas theme now available!

    Thought that might be the case, think it did use to cause some issues on my old laptop!