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  1. nice dusting here, more than i expected! Looks lovely out there
  2. Christmas theme now available!

    Thought that might be the case, think it did use to cause some issues on my old laptop!
  3. Christmas theme now available!

    Loving the festive theme, looks great! Any chance we could possibly get some snow falling? (think we have had that in some previous years) Anyway good job!
  4. Fingers crossed Bristol snow posse! Had a heavy sleet/snow shower on the way home from work which i think is more than I saw the whole of last winter!
  5. Thanks for the updates Chino and all the others who make such great contributions to this thread. Potentially at least we have some interesting model viewing coming up as we head into the new year. All these xmas films has made me want my snow fix more than ever Merry Christmas everyone