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  1. heavy snow in woodley, east stockport and its sticking to all surfaces
  2. Defo sleet here in woodley, east stockport, i was expecting nothing but rain after weds
  3. wkdboy1

    North West England - Weather Chat

    All roads and areas where snow had melted are now white, and its still falling, i had to walk to work yesterday and i dont really want to walk again
  4. wkdboy1

    North West England - Weather Chat

    I just cant get excited about this so called cold blast. Last time we had the falling snow in our area but it didn't stick (im in woodley, east stockport), i have a feeling that it will be the same, and if it does stick it wont be around long. Hey love to be proved wrong, as i love snow, but it was ramped up to the max last time, and then i just felt completely and utterly let down.
  5. wkdboy1

    North West England - Weather chat

    Big clap of thunder here, in woodley near stockport, just started to do somat, been sleet so far for us
  6. wkdboy1

    Broadband speed test

    Were on 50mb from virgin media, can not fault it,