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  1. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=radar;sess= http://www.raintoday.co.uk/ http://en.sat24.com/en/eu/rainTMC
  2. And were off... However I expected more folks in here! Why so downbeat, someones been watching tv forecasts!! Two chances in 24 hrs not to be sniffed at!!!
  3. And so it begins for another winter.... Maybe, just maybe...!!
  4. I`m slap bang in the middle now, might just hold this packet of straws for another few hours!
  5. Yes, I was just coming to terms with that myself Andy, bad news eh?!!
  6. What use are my minus 4 dewpoints without ppn!
  7. "Also, there appears to be something to keep an eye on if you live in the East Midlands. A disturbance running along the Eastern side on Friday night." Andy, I seem to be the most easterly poster here, now you have moved. Guess I`ll just have to build a snowman on my own!! Radar de-cobwebbed, security light re-wired... to be honest, for ppn, the`re the most reliable forcasting tool there is!! Oh, that and the mods starting a new Midlands thread!
  8. Anyone know why I have turned into the invisible man over the break? Just tried to upload a pic and its going nowhere!
  9. Someone mention snow?? That`s me back for the next three months or so! I trust everyone had a wonderful spring summer and autumn?
  10. Has anyone else noticed what's heading into Ireland at the minute? Might well help beef up those showers!
  11. First real snow test for the truck, if things pan out positively!
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