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  1. Was that 2005 storm the one which produced 125mph winds, and made the news the next morning?? I think I remember that one, cause it got quite windy down south aswell, but nothing like that bad I would say we experienced 50-60mph gusts!

    yes i was too power cuts at 7pm lights went out by cuts for 2 hrs or more.


  2. the 80s for me....we dont seem to get the spanish plume anymore...I personally think the yrs 2000+..are rubbish compared to the 80s

    i agree i had well i was on my motorbike in oct 82, when i just missed bein hit by a tornado in wolverhampton wolves ground no i was not going to the match i hate sport i was visitin my relatives there,it was very windy all of a sudden.

    i nearly was blown off it.bike that was...........mz 250

    yes the weather now in uk is really dull compared to early 80,s.......snow thick 3 ft dec 81 and into jan 82 temps were 18 deg f to 12 deg f. its all in my books ill post my log books soon on my albums pics.and see my weather checks. 1980 to now............


  3. A question that may be near impossible to answer, but anyone know the most snowy date in the UK (OK let's limit it to England to keep some order) say since 1900? In other words, the date on which snow most regularly has fallen in England. I'd love to know! My birthday is Feb 10th and I reckon that would be pretty close - it seemed to snow on it every day when I was a boy.
    days 8 jan 1600


    days 8 jan 1600


    on another level i remember feb 77 i think 12th/ 15th/ was very snowey.

    also dec81 jan 82 was the coldest 12/18 deg /f low the best ever by my records stands and not beaten yet,,

    i remember clearin snow off my drive i photographed it too.then....but dont know how i put these on this forum .


  4. My dairy for February 1956,

    temps in F and only read about 0800 and 1600(or as soon as I got back from school)

    Laid out each day in the same way, 0800 temp then 1600 temp with general weather description to follow

    1st=18.5, 22.1; very cold with severe frost at first, frost all day, no thaw, snow in early morning, up to 0830, 4 inches with slight drifting. Sunny for a time then further snow showers, about 1 inch. wind between n and e.

    2nd=12.2, 22.1; very cold with very severe frost at first. some mist at first otherwise sunny all day. cloudy after dark with frost; wind between n and e.

    3rd=23.9, 26.5; keen frost in morning, some cloud in early hours, then sunny by day, some thaw in the sun, wind between n and w.

    4th=28.4, 33.8, keen frost in early morning, but less cold than of late. snow at times in morning, just settled then thawed with rain at times, fresh winds between s and w.

    5th=42.8, 46.4, mild, snow practically all gone. dull much of day, fresh or strong winds much of time between n and w.

    6th=43.7, 46.4, mild, damp and dull, some rain/drizzle later, wind between n and w.

    7th=41.9, 45.5, mild and dull much of day, quite misty in morning, sun tried to get through at lunch time, some rain at times, winds between n and w

    8th= 41.5, 43.7, mild and dull with slight rain or drizzle at times. very dark for a time in afternoon, slight rain or sleet late at night, wind between n and e.

    9th=32, 26.6, much colder with frost at first. slight snow in morning with some bright periods, mostly dull in afternoon with some snow but not settling much, snow showers overnight, wind between s and e.

    10th =18.5, 28.3, very cold with severe frost at first. only thawed in sun, sunny periods with slight snow showers. snow from 6.30pm-11pm, about 2 inches with very slight drifting, wind between n and e.

    11th=24.8, 28.4, keen frost all day, not much thaw. snow at times all day, heavy at times but not settling much, very little sun, light snow at night, wind between n and e.

    12th=34.7, 35.6, less cold with some bright periods, but mostly dull in afternoon. slight snow shower in the morning with occasional flakes after then slight drizzle, by late afternoon snow all gone, winds between n and e

    13th=32.9, 28.4, colder, been slight snow in early hours, frost in parts, light snow until 11am, snow heavy at times later with total of 3.5 inches, slight snow shower at night, wind between s and e.

    14th=25.7, 27.5, very cold with hard frost at first, only thawed a bit in sun, heavy snow 12am to 4am, 5 inches, then sunny all day, wind between n and e.

    15th=26.6, 34.7; keen frost at first, sunny all day with slow thaw in sun; wind between n and e

    16th=26.5, 33.8; cold with frost at first, dull all day with slight snow all morning, not settling, very slight thaw; wind variable

    17th=25.7, 30.2; cold with keen frost at first, only slight thaw in sun, dull at first then mostly sunny, clouding over later with snow flurries; wind between n and e

    18th=25.7, 30.2; same temps, keen frost early with very slight snow in early hours, just covered floor, mostly sunny in morning, snow showers becoming frequent in afternoon, dull after dark with some snow; winds between n and e.

    19th=27.5, 28.4; cold with frost in morning, snow much of morning=3 inches and very slight drifting, some bright spells, clear spells with fog and frost after dark; wind between n and e

    20th=26.1, 28.4; cold with keen frost at first, only very slight thaw in sun. heavy snow shower08-09 and slight drifting, then sunny until late afternoon with heavy snow at times later=3 inches; wind between n and e

    21st=26.6, 28.3; cold with keen frost in morning, dull until late afternoon, no thaw, snow heavy at times 0730-1430=2.5 inches; wind variable

    22nd=26.5,26.5; cold with keen frost in morning, dull with slight rain which froze, then snow 0730-1130 about ½ inch, fresh winds at times and mostly dull with some snow at times, a few short bright intervals; wind between n and e

    23rd=25.7, 31.1; cold with keen frost in morning, some snow to 0830(1/2 inch), sunny rest of morning, sunny periods in afternoon and slow thaw in sun; wind between n and e

    24th=26.5, 29.3; cold with somewhat less keen frost than of late, slight snow at first but sunny later, more cloud in afternoon, slight slow thaw; wind between n and e

    25th=24.7, 32.9; cold with hard frost at first, sunny all day with slow thaw in sun; wind between n and e

    26th=33.5, 38.3; rather cold with ground frost only, not as cold with thaw all day; wind between n and e

    27th=24.7, 38.3; cold with hard frost at first, sunny all day with steady thaw, winds fresh at night; winds between s and w

    28th=38.3, 48.2; rather cold becoming mild with slight rain or drizzle at times; fresh to strong winds at night between s and w

    29th=46.4,41; mild and dull with some bright periods also slight rain., fresh to strong winds becoming gale force with heavy and squally rain and hail, and less mild; winds between w and n

    monthly summary

    Max temp at 8am=46.4(27th)

    Min temp at 8am=12.2(2nd)

    Max temp at 4pm=48.2(28th)

    min temp at 4pm=22.1(1st)

    days with winds between n and e=17

    between s and e=2

    between s and w=3

    between n and w=5

    days with rain=8

    days with snow=16

    days with fog=1

    days with frost=24

    mostly cold or very cold, 1-4, 9-25th

    continuous frost 1st, 3rd, 9-11th and 17th

    heavy snowfalls=5

    maximum in total=25 inches

    Additional notes from memory. My school was about 6-7 miles away and the school provided transport, the bus company had their garage another 3 miles west in another village about 1,000ft up. We had to walk to school; I think on 2 possibly 3 mornings but never on the way back. Would that happen today?

    hope you enjoy reading it.

    I've already made comments somewhere about the 1947 winter and the 1962-63 winter with data for where I worked, mostly actual temperatures throughout the period 28/12 to 28/02, I think.

    I'll try and find some data for the 1986 February for both Manchester and RAF Valley (Anglesey), sorry no piccs of any of it.

    thanks too i keep log books too.


  5. Everyone seems to remember 87 for obvious reasons i.e, it wasn't properly predicted and it caused more chaos in just a few hours than any other British weather event in living memory, people also remember than Burn's Day Storm in 1990 and some also mention the Christmas and Nu Year storms of 97/98, and more recently the massive storms that hit northern Europe and the UK last January. But who remembers these?

    1996 - Tail end of Hurricane Lilly brings 80mph winds to Southern England!

    2000 - Night of 29th/30th October brought most fearsome autumnul storm since 87 when 90mph plus winds hit South-East accompanied by heavy rain, flood chaos followed!

    2002 - Sunday 27th October, people woke up for breakfast time to high winds across the whole of Southern England and Wales, 85mph is recorded in London, and 100mph is recorded in Bristol!

    You people have short memories, the one I'll never forget was the 29th Oct 2000 storm it was the night after my 14th birthday and I have never seen wind like it my bedroom window was shaking and I thought it was gonna smash in, the noise sounded like an express train rushing right past me, the rain was so heavy aswell, I was terryfied and didn't think I would live to see the next day let alone 15!! :)

    i Remeber jan 2rd 76; Gales they knocked out our lights an all. and the number one song was dec 63" how what a night.


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