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  1. Doesn’t seem too bad here at the moment, just about to go to the seafront for high tide at Worthing, worst conditions expected this afternoon
  2. We’ve really had a battering since early October with wind and rain.
  3. I think you maybe on to something maybe this one will hit 40
  4. Clear skies already very warm no breeze at the moment perfect condition for temperatures to soar quickly
  5. Really poor night for sleeping last night had a thunderstorm about 12.30. Think temps today for where I live are going to get higher than forecast on the bbc and meto as they predict 24 for me today with it already being 20 surely it will be higher. Exciting day tomorrow. Think we will all enjoy the fresher weather by Saturday the weekend. Think August is going to be a hot one
  6. Don’t recall such a warm night so far, don’t want thunderstorms tonight Thursday night it can
  7. Unbelievable to see those temps so close to our shores could be something special this week if everything falls in to place e.g no rain, no cloud cover etc
  8. May have to buy an extra fan if these charts are right tonight
  9. Very warm nights coming up too Midnight Wednesday morning still 25 degrees Friday at midnight still at 30 degrees
  10. I’m starting to wonder if the breakdown will be delayed even further over the next few days
  11. Looks like we are in for a scorcher this week certainly up to Wednesday, who knows what will happen Thursday and Friday my fingers are crossed for record breaking temps but could go either way breakdown
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