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  1. Looks like autumn is here, I doubt we will get temps above 25 this year now. Prob lots of wind and rain to look forward to. It’s the wind I hate the most, wouldn’t mind rain and no wind,
  2. The price we pay after a heatwave is dull and gloom for days, still muggy, I wouldn’t say summer is over, these days September can turn out to be warm. I would have thought we will have at least one more shot of very warm weather before autumn proper sets in but might have to wait until some point in September.
  3. Anyone want the heatwave back? Weathers turned so gloomy now - still has no thunderstorms here
  4. Still no thunderstorms had heavy showers still warm and humid 22 degrees
  5. 26.5 here sun has been trying to come out in the last 30 min, storms in the Channel off Kent and East Sussex
  6. One to watch 20th august to 22/23 august wouldn’t be surprised to see a plume in this period for 2 maybe 3 days one to watch in coming days, I would say just a small chance at the moment
  7. Had rain last night but no thunderstorms, very humid want to see thunderstorms now
  8. 23 outside actually feels quite cool, who would think that in uk at 10.30 at night, sure I could hear rumbles of thunder in the distance seen no lightning yet
  9. It’s clouding over from the south here in Worthing I do not know if these storms are inbound, it’s very humid 27.1
  10. That looks nasty over northern France just about to cross the channel, think will decay once sun goes down http://www.raintoday.co.uk/mobile
  11. Still quite a few widespread 30 shown on the gfs run for tomorrow, if we get quite a bit of sun wouldn’t be surprised to see 32 33 being recorded again tomorrow
  12. If we get quite a bit of sun tomorrow I wouldn’t be surprised to see many in the south east get 32,33 degrees
  13. I would say your thermometer is correct, bbc have been very poor with their temperature predictions.
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