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  1. Looks like it’s going to be another lovely day, turned quite hot yesterday afternoon. Hoping for a heatwave before summer is out
  2. Are you going to do another one for next week end?its potentially looking hot again
  3. Really feels like it’s warmed up in the last hour starting to feel uncomfortable already
  4. Lovely day took dog for walk and was lovely, sat will be different once the breeze has gone
  5. I am not feeling confident of wining the comp now,I think Saturday will be very hot 32 to 34 somewhere in se
  6. From something a few days ago looking that way we was on the cusp of a heatwave and possible breaking record temps to just 1 day heatwave is areal let down. Think we need high pressure in place for a few days then build our own heat that will be better than what we have.
  7. Lightning radar has now kicked off in the channel going look out my window out to sea to see if I can see any
  8. Feels very humid indoors to the normal feeling when going to get a thunderstorm. Good luck all
  9. Felt very humid today hoping for some proper heat and storms later in the week
  10. What are the experts thoughts on 1) are we going to get a hot spell?2) if so length of time 3) maximum temp likely?
  11. Hot uppers but different at ground level what are the wind directions from icon?
  12. Huge disappointment in my eyes before, hoping we will get some upgrades on tonight’s runs
  13. I am really confused at the moment, but I feel maybe cloud and wind direction will not give us a heatwave hope I’m am wrong as the next few runs change
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