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  1. Take a look at http://www.webbkameror.se/webbkameror/index.php, there you have plenty of Webcams for Sweden. In the north the winter has recently begun, take a look at Kiruna if you want some pictures of the winter, since it has just begun there. Karesuando has also a nice webcam. Both cities are positioned around lat 67-68°.
  2. Seems that the whole Europe was taken by that extremely cold spell! Looked up that day for my region, and by that day the tmax was -19'c and two days earlier it was -25'c, can not imagine how cold that must have felt that day Most common is to see a tmax around -10'c here every year in a cold spell but it varietes a lot... :o
  3. Found today a norwegian site ( rimfrost.no ) which is like a tool to see the climate at many places around the globe, probably many of you have some sites for comparing temperatures and so on, but this one i think this may be the best at the internet and it has most information and graphs since you can find for many cities monthly statistics from even the 1800s! Stockholm where i live has monthly statistics from even 1722! (Stockholm and the city of Uppsala 60 km north of Stockholm was the first place in the world to begin with these statistics ) Very intresting site to see what the climate has been a long time before even we was born! I was quite supriced when i looked up the coldest month ever in london 1841-2004, and it was just a mere -1,5'c avgtemp in jan 1963, for stockholm i found a -14,9'c in jan 1814, omg! For those who have never seen this page i hope you will see some benefit by this site!
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