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  1. Easterly could be on the cards too folks in just over a week's time - don't pack away the jumpers just yet - once again more chance of cold and snow at Easter than xmas is the saying eh!
  2. just had a cracking big snow shower - winds got up too
  3. we had snow here this morning early - still snow on top of senghenydd mountain so settling above 300m
  4. where u getting your info from - latest beeb forecasts go for snow - meto yellow warnings are for snow
  5. been snowing lovely for the past half an hour - big flakes too - 5 days before the end of official winter is over - really is taking a lot of time for the uk to cool down these days - snowing while i type again - too warm to stick - let's see what happens tonight and thursday morning
  6. latest gfs model showing similar right to the end - seems winter will be late again this year
  7. nothing to say as yet - because we had a very mild one last year, lots of folks were thinking we may get a decent winter this year, not looking so good though again - although as with each winter of late, late feb and march seem to deliver something before spring takes hold - todays charts look a little "cooler" but nothing in the freezer showing yet.
  8. Just checking in - been a fairly good summer this year a part from a couple of weeks in August - was a mild winter last year - as we head slowly towards our next one - there's a good percentage chance that it could be a little more active on the cold side - we shall see.
  9. yep - nice bit of thunder and lightning here too
  10. started out as sleet about 15 mins ago - temps and dewpoints now dropped a bit and now it's snowing April 3rd South Wales
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