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  1. Just checking in - been a fairly good summer this year a part from a couple of weeks in August - was a mild winter last year - as we head slowly towards our next one - there's a good percentage chance that it could be a little more active on the cold side - we shall see.
  2. yep - nice bit of thunder and lightning here too
  3. started out as sleet about 15 mins ago - temps and dewpoints now dropped a bit and now it's snowing April 3rd South Wales
  4. snow warning is out for Wales for overnight and into the morning - up to 6cm An area of rain and snow will remain over Wales into Thursday morning. Snow is most likely above 300 m where around 6 cm of snow may lie, particularly on east and south east facing slopes. Snow may fall down to around 200 m but at this level it is unlikely to lie on roads. Any lying snow is expected to thaw during Thursday afternoon.
  5. been snowing up here today too - tomorrow night into thursday morning could have some interest as the low drops down over the uk and Wales
  6. dowlais top and storey arms currently white with snow it seems
  7. snow and hail in the showers - some beefier ones now coming out of Ireland - should get a bit more interesting later this afternoon
  8. not immediately - our snow will be washed away overnight - there are rumblings that something maybe happening with the ecm model after friday - more cold potential - nothing that the actual model output for now is showing - right now we have to wait
  9. further snow showers dotted around wales the next couple of days - possible mini front with some wintry precip turning back to rain i think sunday - milder early next week - one or two models showing cold again thursday onwards next week
  10. would we be talking about the pembs dangler here lol
  11. cold temps will hang around till sunday - after that the cold will ease back
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