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  1. had a half time break for about 10 mins - started snowing again
  2. i've got a weird one here - no snow on radar over me yet it's still belting it down with snow - wonder if that will keep going like that all day lol
  3. yep - all of a sudden upgraded from no precip to heavy snow most of the day lol
  4. looks like harmonie, ecm and icon were spot on for today
  5. current radar looks ahead of the charts - might mean the front will get further east before fizzling out
  6. maybe it's caerphilly as the "area" which spans up towards heads of the valleys
  7. snowing now (just taken the dog for a late night walk in the bitterly cold wind lol) - medium light snow under the lampost lights
  8. yep - the bbc have already shown it on earlier forecasts put out today
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