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  1. Yet to see my first snowflake of 2010/11, just had graupel showers here the last 2 days....haha

  2. Still no snow for me :(, but I have faith it'll come.

  3. Moderate Sleet in the Frontal System now.

  4. ANDDDD....It's Raining. Looks like the frontal system is going to produce nought but rain and sleet.

  5. Severe weather warnings for tonight from Meto, (Scotland and NE England) for heavy snow showers with drifting. Nobody seems to have noticed the vast swathe of showers on current radar.

  6. Really gets to me when people assume the East and SE will get a pasting, "West won't see much". From what I can see all areas look favourable for something wintry, nowhere is excluded and I'd not be surprised if Central and Western areas fair better overall.

  7. Now, lamppost watching from Wednesday night for me, for the next 8 days.

  8. The pure greed of some people on here is unbelievable, they aren't happy with a 10+ day cold snap bringing 3 periods of possible widespread snow events. They always want more.

    1. Marcus_surfer


      id be happy with a few flakes of snow

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      There are many people who miss the actual events because they are too busy looking for the breakdown. Madness.

    3. The watcher

      The watcher

      I'd be happy with Hayley showin' her boobs again Marcus. :p

      Yes indeed they do get carried away, but it does take the fun away when you start looking for a breakdown after being excited about the cold coming in the first place lol. Silly peoples.

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  9. Does not understand why people get so upset with model output. I can provide lessons in Model Discussion Etiquette.

    1. Eugene


      Yeah it's absolute crazy in there with people bickering over silly things.

  10. Dude.. Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom and Ensiferum playing Dublin in April 2011...fancy it?

  11. Looking forward to a little breeze tonight, get them final leafs off the trees.

    1. coldfingers


      With up to storm ten forecast I think you will get your wish. :0)

  12. Wow Cool, Willie Thorne is a good laugh and his snooker venue is brilliant.

    I've played since I was 13/14, highest break in a match is 72 and in practice is 121. I used to play in tournaments over here for u16's and u21's, thats where I met Mark Allan. He was tough when he was 14, hitting 50's. I've played Ronnie O' at 9ball pool too, and Alex Higgins, Joe Swail at ...

  13. Cool. Download08 was the beginning of the Sunday Classic Rock stage which interested me, unfortunately I never made it that year, but have the last 2. There are other rock and metalheads on the forum, good to see.

    I've got W.A.S.P coming up in November plus I do DJ at rock events over here and probably will be doing Download next year. Hopefully doing 3 fests next year, with any luck.

  14. Are you a festival goer? I tend to go to Download every year and some of the metal festivals in and around England (Bloodstock, Soni, Hammerfest) Etc. Was at DL this year and Hammerfest.

  15. Nothing better than a lovely warm winter broth on a nippy morning/afternoon.

  16. This weekend is going to rock....

  17. Sun is splitting the trees here....

  18. Please let hell be unleashed tommorow and Thursday, I beg of you Thor.

  19. What about having a Double Team NW chase tour for next year?.... btw, there';s no sound on the live stream.

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