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  1. Loving my new bedroom heater. It's saving me a fortune in gas bills.

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    2. The watcher

      The watcher

      doesn't take much off the electric in comparison.

    3. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      Just get a thicker blanket or duvet, for example putting a jumper on is equivalent to 1c on the thermostat. This forum is obsessed with gas prices LOL

    4. gottolovethisweather


      LOL, the commodities markets are run so that when we all use very little, they can think of putting prices back up in the longer-term. When we are using more and more, they might dangle a carrot, but largely there will never drop the prices. It is inevitable that due to the overexcessive use of our resources, that this will never change. Meanwhile, in the warmer spells of climate change, the wildlife gets confused. No good for man nor beast, this changed climate.

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