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  1. Definitely, I knew by half time that it was looking a low scoring game with 0-0 the greatest probability.
  2. Bit of an anti-climax for me, but oh well. It was a free bet. Bit of fun and a few drinks. Good craic.
  3. I'm not much of a football fan, but today I'd like Southampton to win 2-1 and it'll net me the Sun's predictor game £6000. My other 3 teams came up yesterday with the correct scores. Hull v Cardiff 1-1, Sunderland v Arsenal 1-3 and Tottenham v Norwich 2-0. Although if nobody has got all 4 correct I still get a share of 1000. But, it's my birthday today, so maybe it'll be a nice wee present.
  4. Last winter wasn't bad at all for snow and cold, started off slow but picked up and March was crazy for snowfall and depth in local areas.
  5. Hopefully I won't know for a while yet, but I don't expect anything.....so it'll be a surprise if a big sign comes up saying "Level 2" and I'm a reborn millionaire. I suppose it's better though to get busy living rather than ponder over death.
  6. I don't believe the air-pressure theory but rather just that they get caught up/hit by the blades. http://www.midwestenergynews.com/2012/03/01/study-turbine-blades-not-air-pressure-kill-bats/
  7. I seen this argument somewhere before but it was put down as a myth. Generally most animals tend to stay away from large moving man made objects.
  8. Nights getting markedly early now. I'm starting to get excited about the prospects of winter 2013/14.
  9. Found this quite an interesting way to describe their late season stinging spree. http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/drunk-wasps-may-attack-us-warns-red-cross-8798272.html
  10. Last day of summer 2013 and Autumn starting in less than 14 hours. Soon we'll be hunting down on those cold winter spells and looking for some snow. I wonder if we'll see a stormy Autumn for a change.
  11. Yeah, unfortunately the friends thing is the hardest thing to do after a relationship. I have had to remain that way with my ex due to our child together (split in 2008). It's hard to see them with someone else. Although I've been single quite a few years and enjoy my freedom, I miss the intimacy however and judging by the dreams and thoughts I still have about her, I miss it with her. Although I'd not think twice about dating anyone, I can't bring myself to it yet.
  12. I haven't even seen the point where it says the chemical attack was confirmed to have been carried out (if there was one) by Assad's regime. Too much already going on and being said even now when we aren't even sure who/what did anything. It is likely to have happened but far too much at stake to be going out on a whim. Why don't we actually let the middle east sort their own problems for a change. Maybe Russia should intervene considering it holds interests of theirs.
  13. Nothing too interesting of late happening, slightly on the dry side with a mixed bag of weather. Autumn hot on the heels and possibly a windy affair coming up later next week.
  14. Some angry clouds around the last few days in the cooler airmass, but no storms near me. The cooler nights are bliss at least. Maybe some light at the end of the tunnel in a weeks time, hoping something drier and clearer turns up by months end for the Portrush airshow. Maybe if a few of you are making the trip we could arrange a small meet-up?
  15. In the many million years of the Earths existence I'm sure we'll have had a similar pattern to what this and recent summers have seen, problem is, many weren't that interested in recording it, or didn't know how. We haven't had great summers, but we shouldn't expect to have them in abundance either.
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