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  1. A bit of snow on top of the Wolds between Cot Nab and Thixendale
  2. light snow just started now here .....temp 1,5 ,( dew point -4 ) no probs with temperature
  3. some snow showers just coming up the Humber estuary now .....will hit Hull , Goole , Beverley perhaps in the next 30 mins
  4. thanks Viz ( Andy ) and many thanks for your retweeting help too
  5. i will be up at Millington early tomorrow morning ......hoping for some beefy snow showers from the NE
  6. hoping for an ice day here in the valley at North Newbald , the freezing fog has not lifted at all , current temp -1 ( min was -6 last night )
  7. I think Hull and parts of E Yorkshire are going to get a nice surprise early on Fri morning with some hefty show showers coming in off the North Sea on a E / NE breeze ( the only wind direction that works for Hull )
  8. Temperature has plummeted here from 2.1 c to 0.6 c in the last 20 mins ( Dew point now -2 ) ....perhaps a chance of back edge snow for those of us in the East of the region at some altitude as the colder air arrives behind the front at 8pm ish ( if there is any precipitation left by then )
  9. Thermometer showing 1.9 c here ( with a dew point of -1 c ) Rain here , sleety up on top of the hill
  10. snow envy is painful isnt it ! ( i suffer from it very badly , especially when the South gets buried and we get nothing ...... i feel your pain )
  11. it could get interesting on the Wolds later ( a trip to Thixendale might be in order )
  12. weather station currently showing -2.8 c with a dew point of -6 c
  13. Hoping for a more few snow showers from that occlusion moving south through our region tonight
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