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  1. Mountains

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    2. Daniel*


      40,000ft will suffice

    3. Mokidugway


      Mons Olympus ??.

    4. Daniel*


      Mt Everest is more up my street

  2. The Lake District hills are calling

    1. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      I was in them today - pretty but cold.

  3. What's on my mind? Tax returns and mountains. Nurse !!

  4. Overnight low of 3.3c

  5. Overnight low of 3.1c

  6. Max of 9.3c today Sat 15/12

  7. still on for an ice day here max temp -0.2c

    1. lindy2017


      Weve had -6 for days midnight weve to get snow ....

    2. jimben


      I hope you got your snow? You live in a lovely part of the world, very envious :)

  8. Sunny blue skies after an overnight frost and min temp of 0.5c

  9. Wind picking up

  10. Happy to have found out how to ignore some posts, make viewing the model discussion forum much more pleasant

  11. Coldest night this winter in my part of riral Northants -3.6c

  12. Coldest night this winter in my part of riral Northants -3.6c

  13. A Plastic Rose the next Biffy Clyro or Snow Patrol. may be even better, given them a listen on My Space or YouTube

  14. hmmm 2012 what will it bring? Am hopeful of a cottage in Borrowdale

  15. Happy Birthday !!

  16. Warmest day of the year at 21.8c doors and windows open at office

  17. Happy New (Tax) Year currently have warm sunny day temp 17.1c but still breezy

  18. looking forward to getting back on the Lake District fells this weekend

  19. 12:11 17.12.10 Arctic blue sky. Temp of -1.6c Log fire spitting and crackling you gotta love this weather.

  20. Snow possible here in Northants on Thursday, Friday and Saturday I hardly believe it myself

  21. Lovely log fire roaring at coming winter

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