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  1. Last couple of days rather disappointing here in the northern lake district, with thick low cloud and most tops covered. Mizzle from time to time never amounting to a great deal but high in nuisance value. To a true lover of the high country great weather to get out and about on the low fells and soak up a different type of atmosphere and landscape.
  2. A lovely mostly sunny day in the northern lake district yesterday. High of 21c although out and about in the hills temp closer to 30c in the sun sum plenty of sunscreen needed for those going out. Amazing how many of the new staycationers forget this. Another dry day, that is now seven in a row, although that run is likely to come to an end today. Today has dawned sunny but high cloud now moving in to spoil. Temp 17c and calm.
  3. Lovely warm sunny start to this part of the lake district close to Blencathra. Shorts and t-shirts are the order of the day.
  4. Sunshine now in the northern lake district as hopefully the showers have now ceased for the day. Some pretty amazing cloudscapes now to the west
  5. Northern Lake District. - Saturday a better day than expected insofar as rainfall is concerned. Some sunshine late in the day but largely overcast and calm. Dry overnight but steady persistent rain from 8am. The rain from a lump of cloud that has moved in from the Irish Sea that will hopefully clear my mid-day. Tops of all local tops <3000ft clear. Last snow on Blencathra has gone.
  6. Overnight low of 2.9c. Snow still visible on Blencathra and Great Dodd. Sunny intervals. A brief rain shower just before 7am. All tops clear. Now clouding over but still good sunny spells. Warm in the sunshine
  7. Looking to the west I can see flashes from the storms further south.
  8. Overnight low of 6.9c. A lot better than recent nights. Snow still visible on Blencathra and Great Dodd. Sunny blue skies to start. Now clouding over but still good sunny spells. Warm in the sunshine although still breezy. Swallows very busy and lambs very noisy. Beautiful. Blencathra Webcam – Keswick.net
  9. A tiny minority of society dictating how the vast majority must behave, believe and live their lives. Live and let live!
  10. jimben

    3 Word Story

    mysterious forces align
  11. This part of Northants has a mini stream of snow showers lining up
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