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  1. Will tie in quite nicely with my move to the lake district
  2. What a lovely day here in the east midlands. Sunny blue skies since dawn. That's better eh?
  3. Xbox live has stopped working ... first signs
  4. I very much doubt that the stock markets will trade all week
  5. All down to coronavirus apparently. Restriction of movement on most peoples in europe, Israel monitoring telephone calls, large build up of military on Belgium/Netherland border, irrational fear of shortages fuelled by whom, gatherings of groups of people starting to be restricted, state controlling who works and when, i.e. who has money and who has not, watch for restrictions on internet and social media next
  6. Yes and should also have read that services will unravel very quickly .... she is dead on her feet ... on call until very late and receiving calls throughout .... very stressed
  7. Hearing from a health care professional on the frontline "that lemon is beginning to hit the fan" and will unravel very very quickly
  8. UK population 66 million. To develop herd immunity 60% of population to become infected. Death rate of those infected at a very conservative estimate of 1%, all countries reporting much higher figures, will give total UK deaths of approximately 400,000 a sobering thought.
  9. Do you think that the weather is also playing it's part in assisting the virus with this continual run of mild wet and damp conditions
  10. Pitsford in Northants just recorded gust of 59.5mph at 09:55
  11. Pitsford in Northants just recorded gust of 59.5mph at 09:55
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