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  1. Well at least we won't have to deal with any more potential blizzards for another 30 years or so.... Wait a minute...
  2. Swiss model has lost it's mind. Just the 51 inches for Wicklow...
  3. Wow! Some extremely heavy precipitation showing over Brittany now.
  4. Looks like it's going to be a pretty special event for us and you guys!
  5. 12Z HIRLAM. Almost 24 hours of continuous moderate or heavy snow shown here, some very heavy pulses, with strong winds. The model ends at 48 hours with snow still going. An historic snow episode for many places in the east and south, is looking very likely.
  6. Since the criteria for a red warning is just 8cm, there will absolutely be red warnings. Just a matter of how extensive.
  7. 40-60cm for Dublin by Saturday morning on the 12Z ECM. For reference... Dublin Airport 1982 : 25m Casement 1962 : 45cm
  8. 18Z GFS has significantly less snow for Ireland than the 12Z. Still a lot to be resolved with what happens on Thursday/Friday. The low is different on every run.
  9. It's quite insane to see this on the models at just 84 hours. 110-120 km/h gusts slamming the east coast during intense snowfall. Just for fun...
  10. Too light be be noticeable at the surface.
  11. During the press conference, Evelyn Cusack was asked about similarities to 1982. She said that there were some similarities but she couldn't say whether it would be as bad as 1982, "it could be worse". She wasn't comfortable about predicting a number for snow totals apart from possibly "many cm".
  12. Some quite unbelievable charts for Ireland on Thursday/Friday. I think the UKMO is probably most realistic but expect to see plenty more changes.
  13. ECM follows the GFS with an intense low!
  14. 12Z cranks the low up to 960mb. Some serious blizzard conditions for a time in parts of Ireland before a transition to rain. I think the GFS is overdoing the low this time though...