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  1. The charts for that : And now 2018 :
  2. 06Z GFS showing many parts still at 0 or below at midday on Saturday
  3. An obvious error with the coding for precipitation-type graphics there.
  4. It's been a long wait. But the -12 uppers are now at hour 15 on the models. It felt like we were seeing this at hour 150+ for so long...
  5. ECM shows possible freezing rain on the back edge of the snow in places.
  6. Time and time again, when looking at the archives of historical snow events, it's common to see that uppers were looking very "marginal".
  7. 0Z ECM produces an "all snow" event for Ireland Thursday/Friday. Heavy snow with 90 km/h gusts hitting Dublin. A long time since anything like that has been seen.
  8. ECM 120. Looks like heavy snow for southern Ireland, Wales and inland areas of SW England at this time. Huge snowfall potential for some areas.
  9. I doubt it will surpass 2010 in terms of depth and longevity of cold surface temperatures. But in terms of snowfall this setup has the potential to deliver in a way that we haven't seen since the 1980s, for some parts possibly even even back before the 1980s....
  10. Incredible snowstorm on the 06Z GFS. Far more severe looking than 1982 if that came off. Parts of Ireland, Wales or SW England would be facing catastrophic conditions the like of which haven't been seen for many years if that happened. Can't fathom how massive the drifts would be with such strong winds and intense ppn. Stunning.
  11. SW England and Southern Ireland get about 14 inches of snow on the ECM from that low. Though I suspect it might be higher in reality.
  12. SW England possibly getting buried in snow from 144-168 on the ECM.