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  1. Latest AROME has shifted the snow further south than it's 0Z output. Interesting. T36
  2. ECM has the low on Monday a bit further north than the GFS.
  3. Also a slight north shift on the 12Z HIRLAM. Some significant totals in Ireland and north Wales.
  4. 5km WRF has very heavy snow right down on the south coast early Monday morning with winds gusting around 90 km/h. By Monday evening :
  5. 06Z HIRLAM looks to be a touch further south than the GFS.
  6. Very intense rain over the SE with strong winds. Falling as snow further west and north. Later turning to snow in the SE as the low moves on
  7. Looks like a slight south shift on the 06Z GFS at T48
  8. Next Thursday looks like a forecasting nightmare on the 12Z GFS. Strong winds at times with a knife-edge between heavy rain and snow.
  9. Not often you see UKMO with a deeper low than the GFS at T96. A lot of uncertainty still...
  10. Possibility of heavy rain and windy conditions in the south on Monday with a deep low just over the channel. But I would reduce FI to about 72 hours at the moment regarding these lows.
  11. The next low, south of Greenland, has also shifted north.
  12. Very clearly further north at this timeframe compared to the 12Z