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  1. -18 uppers in the SE in 1991 May have even reached -19 on the coast.
  2. I don't think the UK would have seen uppers that cold since 1991? Not 100% sure though.
  3. Dew points could be marginal. Wait for the NAVGEM.
  4. This is the eastern limit of the mild air. Never gets further than the southwest tip of Ireland. Midday temps.
  5. What breakdown I think the 0Z runs may even improve further.
  6. Atlantic struggling to get east on the GFS now. Front slowing to a crawl over Ireland. Cold air hanging on.
  7. Looks like slightly better ridging at 96 hours on the GFS. Cold air is slightly further west at 96.
  8. Big changes afoot on the 18Z GEFS. Strong signal for a ridge to develop and deep cold to pool into central Europe. Could we see something like this on the 0Z in the morning....
  9. At 210 the cold air is pushing back into the SE... Someone put on the Rocky theme music.
  10. Ensembles will be interesting! And the 0Z runs....
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