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  1. 12Z ARPEGE showing inland gusts up to 120 kph in places this weekend.
  2. On this run it intereacts with another area of low pressure south of Greenland while crossing the Atlantic. Could change again on the next run. That is not close to being resolved yet.
  3. 12Z ICON does indeed ramp up the weekend low a few mb deeper (949mb) and as a result there is a little increase in max gusts on this run.
  4. 06Z ICON showing widespread inland gusts of 100-120 kph this weekend. Nothing extraordinary for coastal areas but those type of gusts could lead to some power outages and tree limbs down in the usually sheltered inland areas.
  5. Some of the ensemble members are far too extreme looking. But it is worth nothing though that both 18Z GFS and 12Z ECM are both showing a 960mb low crossing Ireland/UK next Wednesday. The position, shape, orientation of the low makes all the difference with regards to where a swathe of severe winds would or wouldn't be. There is a lot still to be nailed down because it will look a bit different on the 0Z runs in the morning I'm sure, but the potential is there for something significant.
  6. Extremely strong winds on the 18Z GFS, especially across the SW.
  7. 18Z ICON looking stormy on Sunday. 943mb low. Gusts up to 160 kph in parts of Ireland and Scotland. Widespread inland gusts over 100 kph. Blizzards for high ground in Scotland
  8. The low looks quite strong at even 144 hours on the ECM. I would imagine this will end up quite far north as it crosses the Atlantic...
  9. 12Z ECM has followed the GEM by producing a deep low at the earlier time of 120 hours. Now to see if it also produces another storm around the 192 mark...
  10. 12Z GEM showing very stormy conditions developing earlier than that GFS low we've been looking at. Looks like a small core of 160 kph gusts aimed at Blackpool.
  11. UKMO develops the low just as the GFS drops it...
  12. Looking a lot less developed on the far side of the Atlantic on the 12Z GFS at 144 hours compared to the 06Z. Could end up with a more southerly low...
  13. 12Z ICON has peak gusts of 193 kph at the end of the run with the storm still off shore.
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