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  1. As much as I'd give to stay up all night watching this, I've got one of those bosses who will make you remember taking a snow day for the next year, so time I get to sleep. But before that, got to say that as cool as it was seeing the beast last March and we won't get the same totals tonight, it doesn't match with how beautiful it'll look out there in the morning! Snow clinging to the trees, stacked up on walls and fences. Just didn't get that last year but thanks to a lack of wind it'll look pretty spectacular when the sun comes out in the morning! Night all, I've enjoyed the rollercoastwr, haha!
  2. Perfect! The snow's just a sideshow really! Met Office keeping the fun going until 10am now (albeit lighter from 2am onwards.)
  3. How's it looking in Machen Gareth? Hoping for another day at the TA myself...
  4. I'm generally quite chilled and accepting about low chances of snow living in a low lying coastal area, but I'll admit I got pretty down hearted a couple of hours ago. Lets hope it keeps ticking over through the night.
  5. I've been using this for the past hour or (https://www.rain-alarm.com/) Seems that when under blue there was very little snow around, but the green seems to be delivering, so hopefully a few green bits pop up over Port Talbot! Seems like it's waxing and waning though the heavier pulses.
  6. Finally coming down heavy and starting to give a covering. Can't really get a decent photo of it though... Given how late it's got going I think it's only right it hangs round for a bit too!
  7. Steady light snow for me so far. Wouldn't quite call it a dusting yet. Will pay money for an hour of heavy stuff if anyone has some to spare!
  8. Snizzling a bit with me now. What @Jayfromcardiff and @bradythemole say is true- it is looking better on the radar. But given what's happened so far this evening, I'm reluctant to get my hopes back up again- if the greens on the radar look like hitting us that may change of course.
  9. The odd flake blowing around in the wind here. Get the west region TV where I live- and Ian Ferguson just mentioned the fact it's all moving a lot slower than anticipated and it's touch and go whether it makes it to the northern areas of the SW, so doesn't bode well for us. Unless there's a turnaround, tonight does match the rest of the winter doesn't it? I'll be a lot more dubious about background signals, SSWs, amber warnings and precipitation charts from hereon in. Take a look at the precipitation chart here, completely contradicts all of the others, but actually matches what's happening right now. Disappointing: https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/netwx-sr
  10. Work in Langstone and live in Bassaleg. Was sleeting and then snowing on my way back through. Fizzled out again, but was quite moderate through High Cross!
  11. Oh snow, how I've missed you Coming down nicely in High Cross, Newport
  12. Looks like the heavier stuff that definitely isn't a radar echo is making quite a push now from South to North. Hopefully turns to snow out west quickly. Personally happy for it to hold out until 5 onwards over the south east!
  13. Well work have made it clear to us that unless we're living in the valleys, we're not being allowed home early... Plus I then have slimming world from 5.30... Any ideas of timing yet to se Wales? Seems conflicting info out there, and the front looks very slow moving!
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