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  1. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Had to put a coat on going out for a cigarette earlier, so knew it was time to get back on here. In @Jayfromcardiff's absence so far... snow chances in Cardiff tomorrow? I laughed someone off earlier when they suggested snow tomorrow- who knows? What's most interesting at the moment is the overall patterns. Could be in for something this winter- feeling it. Although I was feeling it in 2013/14 too...
  2. RhysWales

    Winter 2018/19

    Also shows the drastic differences a couple of hundred miles can make in our island climate. I would have thought you would have done a lot better than me! In one of the milder areas here in SE Wales and don't usually do particularly well from easterlies, but had more snow on 1st March than December 2010 here. Then a good fall a fortnight later too. Shame it all disappeared so quickly. Fingers crossed for a sustained easterly in mid Winter this year!
  3. RhysWales

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    More than a few I'd say, and it's all subjective isn't it? I'm in no way a fan of the heat- but like the sunshine/ daylight. My ideal would be to live in the northern reaches of Scandinavia in the summer, and then back down further south for winter, but not too south to miss the cold... For this summer for me, it was good- not too humid, and so sunny. Well, June and July at least. August felt like such a dull month, even though it was pretty average in reality- but was happy for the cooler temperatures by then. Went for 'Mostly good' as I think I heard one clap of thunder all summer, and there were points in July when I would have liked a bit of a break from it. August was just bland- not good, not bad. Now bring on a wet and windy Autumn- barring the March craziness it seems like we've had a really benign period of weather the past couple of years.
  4. Yep, not a fan of the heat. Here in south Wales we haven't had the hottest of the temperatures, but certainly no cool down either. Seems like it's been dry and 25- 30c for as long as I can remember. Wouldn't complain if it meant we had a proper winter either, but with El Nino kicking in, we could be in for an Atlantic driven one. Law of averages says we're in for something anyway! It'll get hotter before it gets cooler too I reckon. I'll put up with it if it means a stormy breakdown second half of August and then into a proper Autumn. Need some relief!
  5. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Covered the side roads completely here, and all of the pavements that didn't even get a covering last night- heavy stuff! Should last another 2, maybe 3 hours!
  6. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Family live in Denbigh, just up the road from Ruthin, and the Clwyd valley always seems to cop it! Lovely area!
  7. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    The clump over London- moving WNW at the moment, and guess it will start sinking SW at some point. Right now it's filling out and intensifying though so fingers crossed!
  8. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Looking ahead too, no sign of true Spring for at least 2/3 weeks, with Easter weekend potentially the next place to look for more snow/ wintryness. Personally, I'd be happy if it's warmer by then, as I'm due to head out to Spain to see my dad for Easter, so don't want any delayed flights etc. Anyway, March 2018 will go down as my favourite winter so far (:p) IMBY at least! Just wish those out west had got in on the fun too!
  9. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    HIRLAM has the northern edge of precipitation coming out of Belgium brushing the south of Wales overnight tonight- nothing spectacular though. And HIRLAM did seem to overestimate precipitation today too.
  10. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    A good covering here, but the roads are totally clear. The parents are down in Cheddar for the weekend though, so see if you can guess which photo is Cheddar and which is Newport!
  11. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Heaviest snow not due til end of the night/ early morning. Set your alarm for early!
  12. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Here we go. Happy to report it's snowing with me! Really fine stuff which almost looks like rain under the lamp post when the wind gets going. Hopefully it's setting in for the next 15 hours or so!
  13. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Bet you enjoyed that mate! Safe journey home. Reckon you should be okay- should just be getting underway around 10ish.
  14. RhysWales

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I can't believe he compared Everton with Watford... must be on the wind-up!
  15. And your cat looking as perplexed as mine were too- especially when I opened the door! Something half as good as that fall would be fantastic! Think the heaviest and most prolonged stuff will fall south of Wales- so good luck to you lot on the peninsula!