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  1. Small dusting this morning and icy. Lovely sunny day now. Love a week's dry weather and a bit of warmth. Roll on spring. (Although I'd welcome a surprise snowfall any time of year.)
  2. Had a light snow shower there. Lay easily. Very dry fluffy snow. Should be an interesting day! Temp 0.9c.
  3. Just looked out. Some dumping of snow! Easily 4 or 5 inches. Seems to be raining now though. Temp 0.7c.
  4. Lovely sunny day now. Great to see after all the rain. Still cold and windy though. Temp up to 6.6c now.
  5. Just seen a chart for 4am which showed snow starting to turn back to rain at my location.
  6. I can see slieve gallion from here, totally white.current temp, 3.3c. plenty of interest for tonight I see! Just hope temps get low enough for snow to fall and lay.
  7. Turned into a decent event this. At least 3 inches on grass now. Snow/hail showers on off all evening. This was road this morning. Will take more tomorrow.
  8. Came home from work thinking snow was gone but have 2 or 3 inches in garden! Another shower earlier covered over melted areas. A Mile down the road there has zero snow. Very marginal.
  9. Good covering here this morning. Measured an inch on the car. Snowing again now. Better than nothing I suppose.
  10. Shows how hard it is to get decent snow in this country.
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