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  1. Yes first frost of the season at last. Here's to many more! Welcome back pom.
  2. I'm here nearly 14 years! Hope everyone enjoyed their summer hibernation. Not much cold to report so far this autumn but early days yet!
  3. I'd say that's the winter season wrapped up for another year. Big thanks to all who contributed to a great wee group, in particular our very knowledgeable model interpreters! See yous in autumn.
  4. Serious heavy snow shower here now. Grass turning white. 10th April during the day. It wouldn't happen in January.lol
  5. Some nice showers coming through here now, cars, grass etc all white .
  6. Very heavily snow shower here this evening left slush on ground. Hills above about 170 mts are white.
  7. Had some wet snow here this morning too. Could see slieve gallion earlier and was totally white. I'd rather a bit of spring warmth though to be honest.
  8. Didn't take long for the snow to melt. Not a pick left this morning.
  9. Snow stopped now. Lasted 6 hours or so. Around 3 inches of powdery windblown snow. Brilliant snow event and will be a shame to see it all melt.
  10. Powder snow day folks! -0.8c, snow is fairly blowing around. Need to get out and enjoy but it's wicked cold.
  11. First few flakes starting to fall here. Wind is howling. Should be a fun few hours. Temperature 0.1c.
  12. Frostyjack really is the Uber chionophlile.lol. just been outside and it's incredibly cold. Temp is 0.8c and very strong wind. Will be a blizzard if it snows.
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