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  1. good thaw here today but front lawn still white. temp was 5.5c a while ago. prob the best snow spell since 2010 here. gonna miss the snow but really enjoyed it while it lasted and thanks to everyone on here for all the input/updates and great pics! wonder when the last bit of snow will melt?
  2. serious frost outside so far. hard to see it not snowing for a few hours at least until the mild arrives. snowpack here is rock hard now. sperrin, i know a guy up near loughmacrory who says he measured 9 inches of snow on his lawn!
  3. really lovely evening with the snow all froze solid. really has been a special week. will be sad to see it all go tomorrow.
  4. amazed at how much snowcover we have retained. more or less full cover still and frozen solid. 4 days of laying snow for the second time this winter. sunday is gonna be like a funeral when it all melts.
  5. another shower here now. bit heavier this time and laying well. very windy outside too.
  6. yeah showers look so promising out west on radar but by the time they get here they not much.
  7. anyway, most of the snow still laying here but could be doin with filling in the bare patches. had a snow shower there which left a slight covering but not heavy enough. temps gonna be up to 12c on sunday. boo.
  8. frostyjoe, havent heard that name for a while.lol. good to have him back anyway, think thats why we are on page 35 already.lol
  9. heavy rain here now! starting to eat into ealiers snow.
  10. snowing here too! roads are white again and most of last nights snow still around. snow really only starting to lay on roads from around 80 mts up. nw radar showing sleet for here.. but its proper dry snow. again seems to be very marginal
  11. unreal heavy snow and wind here for last 30 mins.
  12. still snowing on and off here. deep dry powder snow. u cant beat it. must be the third or fourth decent snowfall this winter already to cant complain.
  13. county comittee meeting in garvaghey cancelled tonight unsurprisingly. thats what you get for building a centre of excellence 700ft up a mountain.lol
  14. nice one rochey.lol. its turning out to be quite an event round here.