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  1. incredible scenes around the country. what a winter its been. everyone has got in on the act at some stage or another. i hope that front can push a bit further nw and gives us another wee top up. then it can thaw all it wants.
  2. ME have extended the red warning until 6 pm tomorrow evening.
  3. constant snow here and wind getting stronger. never seen snow drift so much in my life. was out in it there and would near blind you.
  4. out for a walk now and ive never seen conditions like it. unreal windchill and snow blowing into ur eyes. roads are empty exept for an odd tractor. dangerous enough to be out in it and id say it merits at least an orange warning. monaghan town is more or less shut down i hear.
  5. amazing conditions ouside now. sideways snow blowing all over the place. can see big plumes of snow being blown into the air off the fields. never thought id see it in this country to be honest.
  6. some serious snow showers here this evening. wind is just blowing the snow everywhere. some areas are clear but its piling up in others. amazing to watch it and to be honest not something ive seen to many times in my life.
  7. alot of excitement on the MOD thread! seems the beast from the east may actually arrive this time!
  8. the strong wind and higher temps have really eaten into the snowpack here in the last few hours.
  9. the band is showing up as green with a few pinks over donegal mountains on the radar as it pushes into western ulster.
  10. alot of snow still laying here. temp maxed out at 3.5c whick was way below the 6c bbc were showing for belfast today. temp down to 1.5c now so will be very interesting to see what happens tonight. the way this winter is going im kinda half expecting a load more snow!
  11. measured 3 1/2 inches snow on the car this morn. few schools closed round here. is it gonna get milder today?
  12. have about 3 inches on top of the car now. are we expected more showers through the night?
  13. whiteout conditions here. heaviest shower of the day. laying readily
  14. good covering here too and snowing nicely again. this winter just keeps on giving. radar looking great too for most.