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  1. Light snow but its getting heavier by the minute
  2. Moderate snow falling now, mainly horizontal in 20 mph wind
  3. Small showers and flurries, just a dusting from today's snow. It hasn't gone above -1.5c all day so nothing is melting, just blowing away.
  4. Few short snow flurries this morning, currently -2 and sunny
  5. Moderate snow here, heavy at times. 40 mph winds making it blizzard conditions at times, large drifts forming
  6. Cant see it myself, looks too warm Thursday for snow. Weekend looks more promising
  7. Moderate snow falling all morning here, piling up on the existing snow from the past few days. It froze hard last night too.
  8. The snow depth charts are wrong for here, load of fresh snow overnight and carrying on throughout the day so far. It has been snowing all day in the valley also, down to 100m asl (Mold / Yr Wyddgrug)
  9. Light to moderate snow here for the past few hours
  10. Snow falling most of the day here, its pretty deep now added to yesterdays and last weeks snow falls
  11. Hywel

    North Wales

    Pictures of weather around North Wales
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