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  1. Lots of heavy snow showers rattling through here tonight
  2. Warmed up to 3.2C earlier today and a big thaw has occurred. Down to 0.6C now and heavy snow being blown around in a very strong WNW wind
  3. Ice pellets falling here and its warmed up to 0.4C. Slow thaw beginning. About 10cm of lying slow, with some large drifts around. Below 200m ASL its mostly green around here
  4. Similar depths here, although its difficult to measure due to the drifting. Here comes the snow again, wind up to 50mph now too. Wild out there.
  5. They are very rare, and can dump a lot of snow if they make landfall. This one is currently dumping a lot of precipitation on the Outer Hebrides. If this one doesn't die and tracks south it will pick up a lot of moisture off the sea and has the potential to produce a big snow event. It will also drag a lot of colder air with it, the models will need to play keep up now as its presence could alter this forecasted cold spell in a big way. Saying all that they are very volatile systems and it could die out as quickly as it formed.
  6. Gwersyllt is very sheltered from a westerly flow, the heavy precipitation would be falling just to your west. I Imagine Brymbo and Coedpoeth area a mile or so west of you have snow.
  7. Where abouts in Wrexham are you? Wrexham is pretty sheltered by the hills and mountains to the west in this wind direction.
  8. Whiteout conditions at the moment! The Ogwen Mountain Rescue webcams make for some interesting viewing! A55 down to one lane through Caerwys and Pentre Halkyn.
  9. I would imagine theres a fair bit on the hills west of Wrexham. I caught a glimpse of Llandegal and Horseshoe Pass area earlier and it was white. Even Hope Mountain was white! Take a trip to the higher ground if you want to see snow. Hopefully when then cold fully digs in lower elevations will see snow too.
  10. A few cms of snow here, drifting in the westerly wind. Hopefully see some more action as the winds swing to a more northerly direction.
  11. Light snow, moderate at times has been falling for the past hour here
  12. Heavy snow on and off all morning. Had a dusting of wet snow yesterday and overnight, but this is nice dry fluffy snow today
  13. A few cm's here from Snow on Tuesday and early hours this morning.
  14. Heavy snow here for past hour. About 1 inch lying
  15. Hywel

    North Wales

    Pictures of weather around North Wales
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