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  1. What never ceases to amaze me is the "ability" of the models to flip flop to such an extent over such relatively short periods. So, what is it? Are the models basically flawed or is it our interpretation that is an issue. Case in point - the Finance Director reports to the Board that his department's forecasting models projected a £10m surplus in two weeks time and then on the next run this disappears. What about "lessons learned" etc?
  2. I would like to echo the comments from stewfox above. This is truly the best and most informative forums. It is especially enjoyable as we approach Winter. Every year at this time my own excitement builds and then the rollercoasters commence! What an experience to see the forum going into meltdown in the expectation of another repeat of 2010! So, what are my expectations for this coming Winter? Well, being from Dublin, I can only repeat the sentiment expressed in that ad for a certain dark drink - "in the home of the black stuff they still dream of a white one"!
  3. Where there's a will there's a way! That fat lady is still singing for us all. As an uneducated lurker may I say to all of you who make this site to interesting to all of us....Happy New Year. And remember, here in the home of the black stuff we still dream of a white one!
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