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  1. Looks like cloud cover moving up from France will scupper the all time record!
  2. Cloud very reluctant to break-up across Southern Counties at the moment! Hopefully, we'll see some clearer skies when the wind direction changes to more Southerly?
  3. Surely, we will briefly see 34c/35c somewhere just NW of London on Saturday?
  4. Really! And, look at that drop after 29th June
  5. Ensembles solid on +20c 850's for 2/3 days towards the end of this week. Add strong summer sunshine and somewhere in South should reach at least 34c!
  6. Early end to our winter this time around! This time last year!
  7. And, that will feel really pleasant. So much better than that horrible cold uncomfortable weather!
  8. Please transport me into a nice warm Spring! I'm done with this frustrating season that has the temerity to call it's self Winter!
  9. Cold rain, sleet & snow mix It's got to be the worst possible type of weather!
  10. Having said that, I remember several really good snow events from SW during 1980's Channel lows running East, blizzards depositing massive amounts of snow before diving off SE into Europe which re-opened the door to freezing cold Easterlies! Those were the days
  11. Preferably from the frigid East! These attacks from the SW, weather fronts pushing into cold air are so precarious and marginal for many. The air just hasn't been cold enough!
  12. Another disappointment in the Tonbridge area. But, we were really lucky last year during the Beast from the East being in the line of numerous heavy frequent snow showers and ended up with about 6 inches of beautiful powder snow. Glad to see some area's got a good covering.
  13. Nothing much else likely! In fairness, the forecast was 1cm - 7cm but also some area's would see nothing at all. It was always expected to fragment and fizzle out. Pretty accurate really but another disappointing outcome for most in this frustrating winter.
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