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  1. Agree, especially down here in SE England At times, we seem to have our own micro climate being so close to the continent!
  2. I hope you are right Don, I simply can't afford to go to Val Thorens every winter for my snow fix!
  3. I think it was the sheer intensity of the PV that drove the weather pattern throughout the Northern hemisphere this winter. Many area's that would normally be odds-on to see sub-zero temperatures and snow at sometime during the winter were way above average, including parts of NE USA (NYC) and parts of Russia! Some European countries were snowless for the first time in history! A depressing thought for future winters.
  4. I'm definitely switching from Winter mode to looking for some Spring warmth now! Absolutely sick with this persistent weather pattern that's been much the same since last November. I don't think I can remember a season where the weather pattern has remained virtually unchanged for such a long period of time and with so many deep low pressure systems charging in from the West on such a strong jet stream! However, it was nice to see a couple of those rare channel lows recently, just a shame that the upper air was far too warm for snowfall in SE
  5. Wow, that's intense! What temperature would you expect from that at 2 metre level?
  6. Yes, I remember it well. I don't think there was a single day during Feb 86 when Westerly/Atlantic influence was able to push milder weather into the South East of England, intense blocking resulted in virtually continuous E/SE flow with bitterly cold air!
  7. Could it be the end of British winter as we know it? I get the feeling it could be, especially for Southern England. Global warming and ice melt driving weather patterns that will favour Westerly, Atlantic flow of weather on a much more regular basis. I can't remember a winter where so many mid latitude countries have experienced such sustained mild weather conditions!
  8. Colder in Florida than UK! Strange, what's going on with the World weather wise?
  9. I'm struggling to remember a year where this 'cold locked-in' pattern was so persistent and wide ranging in that so many mid latitude area's (including USA, North West Europe & Russia) are having above average temperatures and very little in the way of proper wintry weather?
  10. Pressure falling over the Med, area of High pressure drifting North towards Scandinavia, possible undercut! Could this be the first tentative signs of a pattern change?
  11. Alas, more than a trend I think! It looks like a long term locked-in pattern with proper mid latitude cold a rarity throughout the Northern hemisphere. But, I guess miracles do occasionally happen.
  12. Here in West Kent, we had about 5 days sub-zero (minimum -10c) with about 10" of powder snow from the 'Beast from the East' Feb/Mar 2018 Although I'd hope for something more prolonged, I'd settle for that every winter!
  13. I'm definitely beginning to think the same. But, even with global warming becoming more evident, I think favourable NH weather patterns will still deliver severe cold spells across the UK Perhaps only 2 or 3 times every 10-20 years though!
  14. Thanks for that hillbilly I think there's an enormous difference between the type of winter weather experienced in lowland Southern England and more Northern area's with some elevation. I was thinking more of the times where the UK see's widespread snow, ice and severe winter conditions. I remember January 1987, we were buried in 50cm of snow with max temp -5c in Kent but in Western Scotland they were basking in sunshine with temps around 1c wondering what all the fuss was about! Also, it seems ridiculous that a white Christmas is based on a single flake of snow falling! Not many proper white Christmas's (widespread snow cover) in London during the last 60 years!
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