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  1. Snowing nicely in Belfast. 20200311_221708_1_1_1_1.mp4
  2. Snow continuing on and off in North Belfast. I'm about 150m ASL. Will get some pics up later. Up in Antrim now at moment and heavy shower incoming.
  3. Full on blizzard for ages now. North Belfast. A few big flashes of lightning too. Ground white over. ?
  4. Definitely looks to be heading for us! :D Looks glorious!
  5. Proper snow. North Belfast. Huge big flakes and starting to lie. Blizzards when the wind blows
  6. I reckon most of us will see some snow. I know they said mainly for the hills but I think definitely we will be in for a few surprises ?
  7. Hopefully we will see something. METO: A spell of more persistent sleet or snow will spread to southern counties this evening spreading northeast to affect Antrim before clearing eastwards in early hours. Then turning icy. Minimum temperature 0 °C.
  8. A little sleet this morning :) This looks lovely! for Friday/Saturday. Shant hold my breath but it looks nice. lol
  9. Same here in Belfast bitterly cold here. 20190310_171940_001_1.mp4
  10. Snow. North Belfast. Up hill a bit. ? I know it won't come to much but still nice to see again
  11. Snowing the tiniest wee bit in Belfast. Can't even see it on the radar? It's settling tho
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