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  1. Belfast getting hammered here now. Well where I am. Really coming down
  2. Definitely think so. If the winds keep up and heavy snow. Oooohhh excited
  3. It's me okay... its my page. Jokes. I wouldn't have the patients. Let alone know what I'm doin. Although Ive been a follower of the page for years seem to be some reliable at times.
  4. O0o0o0o sounds interesting. Fingers & toes crossed.
  5. Alex Deakin going for 5-10cm snow quite widely Weather forecast videos WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Weather forecast videos created by the Met Office
  6. Sounds Brilliant I hope it comes off. Even if it's short lived
  7. Must of changed again. It was further up than that on the one I watched.
  8. BBC going for snow in NI overnight tonight in their main UK video forecast on the website and the heavy disruptive snow for Saturday
  9. Looking at the Radar compared to models it looks to be slightly further North than models forecast. May get alittle snow in places
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