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  1. A little sleet this morning :) This looks lovely! for Friday/Saturday. Shant hold my breath but it looks nice. lol
  2. Same here in Belfast bitterly cold here. 20190310_171940_001_1.mp4
  3. Snow. North Belfast. Up hill a bit. I know it won't come to much but still nice to see again
  4. Snowing the tiniest wee bit in Belfast. Can't even see it on the radar? It's settling tho
  5. Defiently doesn't like us. Even with their warnings. Much prefer NI weather on Facebook. Anyhow. Showers look like they are beefing up. Here's hoping East gets something.
  6. Been model watching since November too. Looked brilliant at times then back track everytime. Would be nice to get 1 big shot before end of winter.
  7. Hmmm interesting. Be nice to have even just alittle bit of snow before mild mush comes back in.
  8. Met eireann warning out Status Yellow - Snow-ice warning for Ireland Very cold this week with scattered wintry showers, frequent across the southwest, west and north. Some accumulations of snow are expected. There will be widespread frost at night with icy stretches on untreated surfaces. There is the possibility of a more significant spell of sleet/snow on Thursday. This warning will be updated at 10am on Tuesday 29th January. Issued: Monday 28 January 2019 09:00 Updated: Monday 28 January 2019 09:00 Valid from Tuesday 29 January 2019 06:00 to Saturday 02 February 2019 18:00
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