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  1. Snowing lightly in west Leeds for the past 40 mins and light dusting on the ground. Strange as there is absolutely nothing showing on the radar. I can only assume it is precipitating out of the fog, and therefore too low to be getting picked up by the radar.
  2. Hope to god that streamer coming off the bottom of Flamborough head gives us a direct hit. Looks like it might at the moment, but it is such a narrow band. Could give at least an hours dumping from anyone under it, with very little either side!!!
  3. Is there anyone from the scilly isles on here? I'm assuming you are getting some lying snow looking at the radar? A wider question: have the scilly isles ever had lying snow in March, or are you likely to break a record tomorrow?!
  4. Welcome from Yorkshire. We're doing alright down here, but nothing compared to what you guys are getting at the moment, and look likely to get for the rest of the afternoon. I'm Interested in knowing what depths you've got so far? And an idea of drift sizes? About 10cm here, most of which fell in about an hour this morning. Added to the 5cm we got yesterday, so not bad!
  5. Looking at the radar flow, I can see a small area of convergence setting up right over my area in west leeds/ Bradford. Showers developing almost over head, even though we are north of the main streamer (which is currently hammering south Yorkshire!) Shower activity generally pepping up, and more showers out over the north sea, which should hit west Yorkshire later the afternoon. Don't give up hope west Yorkshire, there are a lot of interesting things happening, and an evolving picture. Keep looking at the radar!!
  6. looks like a more organised streamer is setting up, Its only thin, but thankfully my location is sat right under it! Still very wet and not really settling mind.
  7. Yep, with temps dipping below freezing soon, it really wont matter if the ground it wet - it will happily lay on top eventually. temps are steadily dropping away now - currently around 1c here.
  8. Definitely a case of watch and wait. We live 120m asl, and my work is 250m asl. It always amazes me how much difference that extra 130m makes in the winter! There is also usually a significant difference between where we live, and the bottom of the valley, which is nearer 30m asl. Often no snow at all down there, when we have a covering.
  9. It’s getting painfully close to Leeds. Seems to be pivoting in our favour and intensifying slightly, so I’ll expect we’ll see a bit from this. Travelling painfully slowly though, so even though it’s only 15 miles away it could take another hour or so before it gets here! Lucky if we get a cm, but it’s better than nothing I suppose!!
  10. It’s still creeping north guys. I would still put a chance (although odds against) it getting to Leeds. Just..
  11. Nice little streamer setting up for western parts of north/West Yorkshire. Could give us a bit more of a covering overnight. Looking at the radar there is quite a big band due to hit me in about 30 mins, with plenty of showers following behind.
  12. So, a perfect example of my earlier post. There was nothing in the forecast even at 12pm this afternoon for snow in or area. 3 hours later it is snowing moderately and the radar shows much more to come. Still very optimistic for tomorrow. We have very cold air, and atmospheric instability. It will be a case of watching the radar tomorrow morning to see what will happen.
  13. I’m still optimistic of something here in Leeds. You can get all sorts happening once the cold and the low pressure is in place. 2010 was a good example- many times the fronts were forecast to stall well south of us, yet on the day things turned out differently. A case of wait and see.
  14. I just want it to be spring now. I am a keen allotmenteer and like to see things start growing at this time of year! Although late March 2013 was phenomenal, and deposited some of the biggest snow drifts I have ever seen in the UK (10-15ft drifts local to me, roads having to be 'cut out'), I much prefer spring warmth. There seems to be a pattern in recent years of milder winters, cooler springs - I'm wondering if it is a result of the record arctic warmth/ low sea ice cover that we are seeing prolonged cold into spring? May 2015 for example, was an appalling start to the growing season - all the veg just sat and sulked for the whole month, and didn't get going properly until June - a month wasted, and lower productivity as a result!
  15. It's going to be a case of now casting and radar watching today and tonight to see where the showers hit and whether you will be under the mild sector or not tonight. here in Leeds we currently have moderate sleety rain which has just turned into proper snow flakes. Hopefully more to come later as the colder air digs in.
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